Quinnipiac DPT

Hi - does anyone know what the acceptance rate is for the Quinnipiac freshman entry DPT program? I can’t find any information on how competitive the program is and how many applications/acceptances they give out each year. Thanks!


Im not sure, but my daughter got in


Quinnipiac, like many schools, does not publish their DPT program acceptance rate. The DPT program is highly competitive and the acceptance rate is lower than QU’s general acceptance rate. Admitted students’ average GPAs and test scores are much higher than the required minimums.

Contact your AO https://www.qu.edu/admissions/undergraduate/connect-admissions-counselor.html and ask your questions. Perhaps they will send you to someone in the Health Science dept and/or DPT program for additional info. Good luck

My daughter is interested in DPT as a focus so I did some research for her by calling Q admissions. They were very helpful with my questions and the young woman on the phone got assistance when she didn’t know the answer to one of my questions off the top of her head. I believe she told me 57%of last years applicants were accepted for the DPT program vs general admissions rate of 70% to the rest of the university. If I recall when I asked, she also said average h.s. GPA was 3.7 for last year’s DPT admits, but is individualized based on h.s. course rigor (ie: how many honors/AP’s, ). Avg. SAT of DPT admitted was 11xx(I don’t recall the exact number). Avg. ACT range was 26-30 of last years DPT admits. Below is the link to the AP score list that Q accepts for credit, altho it seems that you won’t get credit for an AP like Anatomy if that is needed for a major like DPT. Looks like 3’s and 4’s are accepted for some type of credit in some AP’s, YMMV.

What I liked about what I learned was that h.s. senior applicants find out if they are in the DPT program when they get their acceptance info, rather than having to get a b.s. then apply to a DPT program and wait to find out if they are accepted to grad school.

A buddy of mine is a P.T. and said that the Q DPT program is highly regarded, so I was surprised at the seemingly high admit rate. 100% DPT grads are hired once they graduate. The program seems very structured and planned out as the required courses for the 6 and 7 year program are all listed in the order they are recommended to be taken. Listed here about 2/3 of the way down the page:

Best of luck! Please keep us posted on what you find out!

My daughter was accepted into DPT for Fall 2018 (ended up going to UF). We were told they would typically accept around 100 kids into the program.

She had 80 hours of shadowing, a 1290 SAT and 4.5 GPA in case anybody wants a comparison.

Can you do Quinnipiac 3 plus 3 and still go a broad for a semester or does going abroad move you into the 4 plus 3 program. Thanks.