Quinnipiac elmpa interview

HI! A few weeks ago I posted asking about my chances of getting into Quinnipiac’s ELMPA program, and today I received an email for an interview! This is my dream program, so if anyone has any advice/experience for the interveiw or can give any sample questions for it, I would much appreciate it!!

Would you mind sharing your stats? I applied and did an admissions interview but have not yet been asked to do one for the ELMPA program specifically.

i am going for my interview this month, i got a 1250 on the sat and i have a 4.23 weighted gpa and 3.73 unweighted im also in the top 40 of my class if that helps, im nervous about the interview oh my

@goldennn my gpa weighted is 4.7, and unweighted is 3.9. SAT is 1290 and rank is #8. How did your interview go? Was it scary? I’m so nervous for mine. And perhaps they’re still sending out emails for the ELMPA interview so you weren’t called yet. Either way, I hope you can make it in!!!

@crazychicken aaaaaaa which date did you choose for the interview? I have the interview on the 12. SO nervous!! I can literally feel the pressure already. I hope your interview goes well!

My interview was great! I had already met the man I had my interview with at my school’s college fair and had been in contact with him through email beforehand. He was very nice and very happy with how I set myself up for the program, but he runs regular admissions and does not have any bearing on ELMPA admissions. He was able to tell me that my acceptance to the school in general would be secure and that I would make it through the first round of ELMPA when they sort out the applicants who are definitely not a match for the program, but he couldn’t say what would happen beyond that. He said that I may or may not be offered an ELMPA interview. I know someone in the program who never interviewed, but I’m still somewhat worried that I didn’t get an email about one. I have a 98.3 weighted gpa and a 34 act. Good luck with your interview!

@goldennn omg your ACT is so high ? It feels like you have a really good chance of getting in. For this program, my SAT is definitely on the lower end so I’m very worried (maybe that’s why I got an interview?? cuz my stats aren’t as good). BTW the person you know that got in without an interview, do you happen to know anything about their stats? Cuz that’s really awesome wow. Im so nervous because I’m generally a very anxious person so a interveiw will definately be hard…I’ll have to try really hard aaaaa. Keep your hopes up cuz your stats look really good! Hope we both can make it in : D

I don’t know my friend’s exact stats, but they were very high. My interview was very conversational and easy, but I don’t know what the ELMPA interviews are like. I’m sure it will be okay though. Everyone I’ve met at Quinnipiac has been very nice so the person you interview with should be no different. Good luck!

Have anyone heard back whether they got into the ELMPA program yet?

My friend who is a sophomore in the program received her acceptance on Christmas morning

My friend’s son has his interview this Friday so I don’t know if they would have sent out acceptances yet.

aaaaa guys I just had my interview!!! They said they invited 50 students for interview, and from my research, I think they’ll accept 25 of them? Im so nervous : (. I think the interview went ok, but its just that /after/ the interview I suddenly started thinking of much better answers and its so frustrating eek. But oh well, I guess we’ll see. They said the notices will be sent out near late dec to early jan.

Yes! I got my acceptance on December 16!

To Quinnipiac in general? Or to the ELMPA program? I didn’t think any ELMPA had come out yet.

@goldennn to the ELMPA program

Wow! Congratulations!!

My daughter was notified of her acceptance on Dec. 12 via email with a package that followed in the mail. She had signed up to interview with admissions in the summer voluntarily, so she did not have to interview again. We visited the Open House in October and were blown away impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities and the current ELMPA students that we met. We strongly suggest that any HS students who are interested in the PA profession try to secure shadowing hours of a PA or in a healthcare setting. This shows a demonstrated interest in the field. There is also a required supplemental essay that basically asks, “why PA” and this is a chance to share what you have done. Good luck to everyone!

@mmccusk @bellam Would you mind posting your stats?

ACT: 32
Weighted GPA: 4.8

SAT - 1460
ACT - 32
GPA - 4.1 unweighted