Quinnipiac Nursing?

applied for the nursing program at Quinnipiac.
I have a 91 gpa and a 25 and 27 on my ACT’s. I did over 120 hours of volunteer work, participated in two sports (captain for both at one point), was involved in three clubs and took 5 AP’s so far and 4 college credit classes. I was also in the Scholars Program at my high school. Just wondering what my chances are and all of my science/math classes have been a Scholar level class and this year (as a senior) I am taking AP Biology. If any of you applied and got accepted and have any opinion on this, let me know! Thanks! Also received awards for my Physics and Italian classes…

I just got in! All your stats sound great! The only thing is the ACT score that could be improved on. But good luck!

That is great! Hope I hear back soon :slight_smile: