Quinnipiac Uni Direct Entry PA Program

HI! I’m someone that applied to Quinnipiac’s direct entry PA program, and I was wondering if anyone has any idea about my chances of acceptance based on my stats. I know this isn’t gonna be very accurate but I this is my #1 program and im dying of curiosity because I want it so badly.
GPA (unweighted) - 3.9
SAT - 1280
RANK - #8 out of 482 students
5 outside of school activity and one leadership position.
My main worry is that I have only 1 letter of recommendation, as I could not master up the courage to ask another teacher for a letter (I’m very quite so its hard) and now its too late and I really regret it. What do y’all think my chances are??

Hey! I just applied to the ELMPA too! I have a 3.6 gpa unweighted, took a handful of APs and all honors classes, 1330 SAT, and rank 18 in my class. I managed to get two letters of REC, and I am also wondering my chanced to get in as well, seeing that it would be a huge advantage and just an overall honor to get accepted. While I hope I can get in I also don’t want to get my hopes up as I can imagine the competition is definitely up there. However, I think I could do extremely well if I was to get accepted. I wish you the best!

Do they only require one letter? If so, then I think it’s fine. In fact, when my daughter was applying to schools we heard from a couple of sources NOT to add more to your app than required unless whatever you were including adding something new to your application. If it’s just a repeat of what’s already there, don’t bother. I remember being at an info session at one school where they mentioned that a student had submitted 20 letters of recommendation. Since the admissions officers have to read everything submitted that was probably somewhat annoying if the letters basically repeated each other (which I suspect by #20 they do).

@bmoprepa omg HI!!! so nice to meet someone in a similar boat as me. you’re so right, the competition for the ELMPA program at Quinnipiac is crazy cuz their PA program is so well regarded. That just makes me so nervous! Did you apply to any other direct entry pa programs? I got accepted to two, so I’m hoping Quinnipiac can also overlook me only having 1 letter of rec and give me a chance. I also wish you the best of luck! Would be awesome if we both can get in ^^

@PrdMomto1 They only require 1 letter but there is a option to give two if one wishes to. I’m just nervous because this is a very competitive program, so I’m not sure how much weight they give to letter of recommendations. I hope you’re right and they won’t care too much about me only having 1 letter. This is my dream program so fingers crossed!

which two did you get accepted to

@crazychicken hey what do you mean? what other direct pa programs?

Has anyone heard from Quinnipiac yet about ELMPA? I applied in October and my SAT score is 1420, my weighted GPA is a 100.4, and I rank in the top 5% of my class. I’ve been waiting to hear back but have yet to hear anything.

Also I thought the requirement for QU’s ELMPA program was a 1400 on the SAT

@bmoprepa @Kikicoco99

Do you guys receive the notice from Quinnipiac ELMPA program?

Or anyone can share something about Elmpa 2020?

I am a raising senior and very interested in this program.
Any information is welcome.