Quitting an EC

Is it worth including an EC that you quit after one year on the common app? I did JV Wrestling in 9th grade, but I had to quit because my parents couldn’t take me to practice and competitions anymore due to their busy work schedule. If I do put it in my app, should I explain the reason why I quit in the additional information section? This is also my only year that I did a sport.

If included, then an explanation is warranted.

I don’t think it will matter if you include it or not. IMO if you put it down no explanation is needed for not continuing – people switch ECs all the time – it is perfectly normal.

I think it’s pretty normal for kids to drop out of ECs as their schedule gets harder with AP classes and the like. No reason needed. My kid was on JV basketball and left after 9th grade when his classes started getting infinitely busier. Of course the real reason was that he didn’t want to deal with 6am practices and the team record was like 3-18 lol.

Don’t worry about it…but can you replace it with something else?

There is no need to explain it imo, people’s interests change and decide to do other stuff. I can try a club freshman year decide I didn’t like it and move on. But I would try and put more substantial ECs that I had more involvement instead if possible. Basically give them a compelling reason to admit you.

You do meet the past the requirements for GPA, so you do have a chance. There might be other applicants applying with higher GPA’s with a good amount of EC’s. UT probably has a routine of getting applicants in without relying on GPA as a factor. There could be several other things to consider like, working, working outside of school, or unfortunately EC’s.

Sports is one of many possible ECs. My daughter did cross-country one hear but hated it and quit. No other sports. But she did other things, and her admissions were “just fine.” You do not need to explain, and in fact, explaining would look odd (IMHO).