Quitting my d1 soccer team

I have been playing soccer my whole life and have always loved the idea of being a division 1 athlete. Last year I went to a junior college and transferred to a d1 school this season. While I was at my junior college I got very comfortable and since i already had reached an agreement with the d1 school before my juco season, i took it easy and didn’t give it my all. The whole year I believed that I could mentally just flip a switch and I would start performing and regain the passion to play. Unfortunately this is not at all the case and I am dreading every single day of practice and have realized that its just not for me. I regret coming here but i feel like I will regret it even more if I stay and continue to go through the motions everyday.

Hopefully, you like the D-1 university for its academics, location, and social life.

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And, if you got any percentage of the 9.9 scholarships they can offer, you can complete your education without the assistance.

Do you regret enrolling at the new school? Or do you think you are just over playing soccer? Do you think your feelings are just related to Covid and that you are just seeking normalcy?

A great many students realize that college athletics are not for them once they get there and start playing. The demands of traveling coupled with a more demanding academic environment is a lot! If you like your new school, and it is financially feasible, you don’t have to stay on the team. If you are unhappy with the new school, or can not afford to be there, then you have different issues to work out. The bottom line is you are an adult and it is absolutely OK for you to make decisions that you think are right for you!

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I’m sure your coach knows what’s going on. They can usually tell when your heart’s not in it. Talk to him/her and let them know how you feel. There’s no reason to continue and I bet they will agree.

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I have lost my passion for the sport. I’m not enjoying it and honestly feel burned out. I am just worried about how the coaches will react.

I imagine the coaches will be disappointed, but not surprised. TBH, you may be unwittingly bringing down the rest of the team, and it may be better for the team, overall, to cut you loose.

I can understand that. For you, this is a big decision, and this is the only time you will make it. For the coaches, I can be fairly certain that you will not be the only player they have in their career that chooses to step away.

These past 18+ months have had a lot of upheaval in the lives of everyone, not just athletes or students, but literally everyone. I think a lot of us are learning to speak up for ourselves and take care of our mental well-being. If you are feeling burned out and your passion is gone, it is ok to take care of you.

Have you spoken to your parents about how you are feeling?


Very sorry you feel this way but I would encourage you not to make a quick judgement.

As a former college athlete I will always remember the feeling of loss I had post my last game. So much of my life had been centered around competition, team and a seeming order to my life that came with sports. The difference in my situation was that I didn’t make the decision but my eligibility and season were over. You on the other hand will be entirely responsible for the choice.

That doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision, but I am suggesting you really think how you will feel once the initial “relief” passes. Think about what “burning out” means.

Do you feel pressure to perform, challenged to balance academics, sports, social, not find the coach motivational?

Don’t be general but specific and see if it is something you can control or work around. Then talk to the coach, maybe even ask for a few days off. Most importantly know you are in control and that is why you are going to slow things down and make the right decision vs a quick decision. You are an adult so make the decision in a thoughtful way given the significant implications of the decision. You worked extremely hard for this and it’s worth a moments pause and effort to “fix” how you are feeling because clearly not so long ago you were passionate about soccer.

You may conclude you just don’t like the game but that is unlikely for someone that has excelled as you have. You are blessed to play a game at such a high level and retrospectively you might regret giving up that opportunity and physical outlet quickly.

Good luck and remember what you loved about the game if possible.


I have put a lot of thought into it and have weighed the pros and cons. No matter


Then I respect (not that I matter) your decision but more importantly so will your coach. Hold your head high and have the talk.

Sincerely all the best!!


thank you!


You don’t have to quit. You have given enough of your self to the sport that you can retire.


I actually would be quitting bc I am on a team and we started our szn a month ago.