Quotes in the essay--Good or Bad?

<p>Is it frowned upon by college admissions to use a quote in an essay, particularly as an attention getter? I feel that a quote would fit my essay nicely, but I am not sure if this is a huge mistake that breaks some sort of unspoken rule of essay educate, or even if it isn't wrong but will look bad or be "frowned upon." </p>

<p>Any thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance! Definitely need some guidance here.</p>

<p>Also, if it is allowed, any ideas on the proper formatting of this? </p>

<p>On another note-- does anyone know about the use of statistics in an essay? Is this good or bad or neither?</p>

<p>Please, someone help!</p>

<p>I’m sure having a quote won’t necessarily lower the essay’s worth from an admission standpoint, but it is often very difficult to incorporate it intricately into your writing. I personally sigh whenever I see one because the rest of the paper is usually mediocre, but there are a precious few exceptions. Basically just make sure you confirm it doesn’t make your essay stale and you properly credit it.</p>

<p>@typeakid: Thank you for the feedback! So you get these same feelings from statistics used in an essay?</p>

<p>The essay allows you to find and use your own words, not to find and use someone else’s words.</p>


<p>A personal essay is supposed to reveal you, not argue a point. Therefore, when considering the possible use of statistics, ask yourself: How exactly does this statistic reveal something significant about me?</p>

<p>Agree. Remember it’s not like a hs thesis statement assignment, where you take a stand and defend. If you are just casually noting a stat, fine. But make certain you understand what the essays are meant to show.</p>