R&C requirement taken outside of UC Berkeley

<p>I am a student in the College of Engineering. It was school policy that students can't take their R&C requirements outside of UC Berkeley once they are enrolled, even during the summer time. My academic adviser told me this is about to change/has changed. Can anyone verify this? I looked at the documents online about the humanities requirements in the College of Engineering but they all still say that R&C must be taken at Berkeley.</p>


<p>You remember playing telephone in elementary school?</p>

<p>Yeah, the real world works like that. It's possible that your adviser actually has correct information that isn't widely known yet. It's also possible that he misinterpreted what someone said, or believed a misinterpretation, and so on up that chain. Until someone points you to an official document saying that this is going to happen, I'd be wary about planning based on it.</p>