RA/Dorm Room question...

<p>Are some people roommates (or suitemates) with RAs? If so, how do you know? Thanks!</p>

<p>In certain dorms, this would happen. I know in Palladium this does NOT happen, as the RAs have their own singles on the floor. </p>

<p>If you are in Lafayette, if you are in a suite with a single room, you have a chance of being with the RA. </p>

<p>In UHall, the RA has their own room. I think this goes for Coral as well. I don't know any others.</p>

<p>my friend in 3rd North had an RA as a suitemate last year. As for the other freshmen dorms, I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen, except maybe Hayden cause every room is so different there. </p>

<p>I think RAs always have single rooms, so at best (or worse), they'll be your suitemate.</p>