RA position

<p>My son was offered a position as RA at Paty for next year. Does anyone know what benefits come with this position ?</p>

<p>Usually free housing.</p>

<p>Don't know of any other.</p>

<p>Free housing, reduced rate on meal plan, small stipend ($120 month). As with anything else, there are good things and bad things that go along with it. Depends on building assignment whether you have roommates and how many.</p>

<p>I meant to put a question mark behind the stipend amount. I'm pretty sure that is the amount, but not certain.</p>

<p>Thanks...does anyone know if the RA position at Paty Hall is a single room or double ? It would be with the male freshman engineering students.</p>

<p>Many of these details were discussed during the interview process and/or when the acceptance letters are finalized. RAs in Paty will have their own rooms, but RAs in the Super Suite dorms will have their own room in a 4 person suite.</p>