RABS - Cornell Summer Research Program

<p>Has anyone heard of this program? It only accepts 6 kids and it is a research summer program for rising high school seniors who have taken Biology AP. I was accepted into it and am debating whether or not to do it versus working in a bio lab close to my house. Does anyone know how selective it really is and also does anyone know anyone who has done it or has done it themselves. Thanks!</p>

<p>On the site it says on 6 people, so WOWOWOWOW good job!!</p>

<p>It's not extremely prestigious, but I mean..its pretty decent. If I were you, I'd just look at the kinds of things you'll be working on, and depending on what you're interesting choose. There are benefits to being around home, tho -- namely, hanging with your friends and being able to fit other things into the summer.</p>

<p>Do you have to pay for it?</p>

<p>hi does anyone know that for RABS at Cornell, in application they have asked about research paper.I am going to apply but I didn't do any research before so that means I can't apply? Please anyone help me</p>