Race/diversity at CMU/Pittsburgh?

<p>I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about how an Asian will fit into CMU/Pittsburg.</p>


<p>Lots of Asians at CMU, not quite so many in Pittsburgh as a whole. 10% of our student body is international, and a good portion of those students are for Korea, Singapore, and India. Seoul Mart, which sells Korean food, is 2 blocks from campus.</p>

<p>without a shadow of a doubt, if you visit this will be obvious after maybe 2-4 seconds on campus, I think the campus is about 28 percent Asian</p>

<p>Asians will definitely fit in no problem. Although the city of Pittsburgh has a rather sparse asian population, CMU seems to have a concentration of it. Most Asians are Korean (which seems to have significantly increased in number this year alone). With the other majorities being Chinese, Thai, and Signaporean. Oh and India too. There aren't many Japanese here, though.</p>

<p>There are asian sororities and fraternities you can join and there are also various school groups: ARCC (Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture), ASA (asian student association), JSA (Japanese), TSA (Taiwan), SSA (Signapore), etc etc.</p>

<p>I myself am an asian too. i don't personality belong to any of those groups, but they are options for those seeking out the Asian community.</p>

<p>How about black people?</p>

<p>The black population is small, but it exists. I don't know much about it, but there are similar groups you can join, I think. Any information I'd pass on about that would be second-hand through friends. </p>

<p>But if you are worried about racism... there pretty much isn't any on campus. At least none that I or my friends have encountered. The school is pretty liberal and from my experience, most people are more interested in what you have to say than what you look like. So from what I've seen... while the black population is small, there's no subtle segregation amongst the students.</p>

<p>Oh I'm not worried about racism. I was just hoping i was a 'unique' transfer applicant..Being african and majoring in chem E. Maybe that would capture their attention and they wont just toss my application in the trash after seeing my 3.6-3.7 G.P.A.</p>

<p>At CMU, a 3.7 is quite a good GPA for a Chem E. If your school is comparable at all, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.</p>

<p>On the topic of race/diversity, I would say that there are groups for every race you might think you are. Some (Asian Student Association) are large, while others are more just a group of people who decided to stick together. In the city of Pittsburgh, you'll find many Eastern Europeans, black people, and white people. There seems to be an absence of anything South of the border (at least compared to Chicago), so good Mexican food can be hard to find. Asians are scattered throughout the city but are not too common.</p>

<p>As far as non-racial diversity, I found that Pittsburgh is one of the most diverse cities I've seen. Even though it's a small city, I was amazed to discover how many subcultures thrive in Pittsburgh. On any given day, I can walk down the street and see punks, ravers, CMU students, Dungeons and Dragons players, metalheads, Pitt students, catholic school girls, gangsters (or gangster wanna-be's), goths, and maybe a few crazy people all on the SAME STREET. If you like to do something, you'll find other people who share your interests in Pittsburgh or on campus. Take a lot of time to explore your surroundings and find people you really get along with.</p>

<p>There's a pretty decent place on Walnut in Shadyside that has Peruvian food, I think it's called Cazumel or something. I ate there once on a whim and it was pretty unique, though maybe a little overpriced (as goes everything in Shadyside).</p>

<p>Also, Pittsburgh is a fantastic college town. People there tend to be pretty open minded, there's lots of neat things to do. One of my favorites was taking public transit downtown (free with student ID, only takes a few minutes) and catching a Pirates game. Since they've never been that good, tickets are fairly inexpensive, and they close off the adjacent bridge to pedestrian traffic, so it's a fairly pretty walk across. It's also not a terrible city to own a car in, though the city's ability to plan construction and be good about plowing snow was nightmarish.</p>

<p>And I wouldn't worry about fitting in at CMU. There are so many diverse groups of people I'm sure you'd be able to find someone to hang out with. If you're an insufferable nerd, there's the CS loungers; if you're really into sports, there's a ton of other people the same way (our football team is actually pretty good for a DIII school); if you're a band geek, the Kiltie Band is a blast; if you just want some fun people to hang around with, you'll find plenty of them there. If you want to go out and party every night, just make friends with some business majors.</p>

<p>Asking that kind of question is almost laughable.... I believe that there are more Asians in ECE and CS then women, just to give you and idea. Especially if you are Korean, they are everywhere.</p>