Race Fakers & The Rise of The 'Karen'

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I got to thinking about this recently, when I read a story about Jessica Krug, aka "Karen’
a ‘race faker’ professor at GWU, formerly a white Jewish girl from Kansas. My first thought was ‘why?’ And my second thought was ‘how did you get way with it for so long?’

Unlike ‘A week in The Life of…’ social experiments ie when somebody dons a ‘fat suit’ in an effort to understand the life of an overweight person, or the person who lives the life of a panhandler in an effort to understand the issues and contribute to solutions, why would you choose to be a part of the problem; especially now, at a time when this country is in a minute-by-minute fight for truth, and battling for a reckoning from centuries of racial injustices.

Why be a part of the problem?

At some point we hopefully will get to the point that we do not care. I have spent the past 30 years or so working with people from all around the world, and at least the group that I work with have gotten to the point that we do not know, do not ask, and do not care what race anyone is.

I still remember one person from Australia that I worked with for a while, but it was all online and I never saw him (Australia is a long way away for me, and where I live is a long way away for him). Based on his name I was guessing that he was either aboriginal or Scots, but I never had any clue which and never cared.

I think that the US has to go a bit nuts in the opposite direction before we get there.

OP asked “Why be a part of the problem?”

Could the deception have been for the purpose of preference in hiring ?

Who remembers Rachel Dolezal? She was not in it for any economic advantage.

I do not remember that person, but am curious as to how one can know that individual’s motives.

I am hesitant to try to set links, not knowing which ones will pass, but suggest you google her. She gave interviews in which she said why she tried to pass as black. Basically, she saw race as fluid, as something one could choose, and she chose black.

LOL I thought this thread (“Race fakers”) was about people like Rosy Ruiz, who jumped into the Boston marathon in 1980 and claimed to have won the women’s division but had actually jumped into the race somewhere along the course. Incidentally, she died about a year ago at age 66.

Some people genuinely have confusion about their gender or racial identity and they pick one which feels more comforting or helps them fit better or get accepted in their social environment.

Others just go with whichever ones suits their ambitions. If their resume can’t get them into the elite college, professional school or promising job with their own identity, they use the identity which gets them in with same resume.

One group is confused and other is frustrated. It’s hard for a layman to say whose action is merely a psychological issue and whose action is legally and ethically wrong but neither reflects well on a society making people feel this way about their gender or race or any other part of human identity.

Not a new problem. Remember Elizabeth Warren asserting Native American heritage? If there are incentives to do so, some people will take those incentives.

I don’t care what race/gender folks are or wish they were or whatever. You tell me how you want to be known and I’m ok with it.

I draw the line when it comes to pretending they have experience they don’t have in sort of a Secret Life of Walter Mitty kind of way. To make up my own example, if I’m hiring someone to help me with the ponies and they’ve told me they have years of experience working with horses, I don’t want to find out their “experience” was reading every book and watching every movie/video they came across.

“Passing” as some other race looks like a “privilege” that people with somewhat ambiguous appearance in the commonly-socially-defined racial terms may have.

However, it is not always a privilege. https://nypost.com/2015/04/12/mindy-kalings-brother-explains-why-he-pretended-to-be-black/ is a description by Vijay Chokal-Ingam about faking his race for medical school applications. However,

What do you mean, “The Rise of The 'Karen?”
( I thought a ‘Karen’ was a demanding/entitled white woman–usually blonde, middle-aged, SUV or minivan-driving, upper-middle-class suburban housewife/soccer-mom-type–who is chronically dissatisfied/intolerant of small mistakes or minor inconveniences/inefficiencies in customer service and always asks to speak to the manager? Am I missing something??)

Anyway, you get what you pay for. If there are educational or career advantages to claiming minority identity, there will be more people claiming that identity.
(For some who do this there are obviously mental health issues as well.)

My H’s aunt, now retired, claimed to be a “Hispanic Woman of Color” in her career and even won awards designated for this group. She is 1/4 Mexican, so not a total fabrication. But I think that she used this identity that she didn’t really grow up with to her professional advantage. She had a privileged childhood for her time and place–she was not disadvantaged. And she does not “look Hispanic.” (She is 75% German and English, 7% Native American, tho…)

She eventually took a DNA test to “prove” it (found that she probably actually does have an indigenous North American ancestor from 6-10 generations ago), but got a negative reaction from seemingly all corners about it.

@atomom – That’s the definition of Karen but it has been now been brought up as a way to discriminate against white women. Especially anyone with money. The male version is “Kevin” (I think–it’s a mess). Happen to be a white woman who wants more than someone thinks you need? You get labeled a “Karen”. It really is a stereotype that dismisses any legitimate concern someone may have. It sort of started out funny in some ways to point out the “way over the top” person but has just gotten way beyond the borders I guess. It’s similar to “dumb blonde” jokes. People need to get a life.

Why suggest that the race claims are necessarily fake, or for advantage, or a result of mental illness. If “race is a social construct” surely a person’s belief can be real, and they have a right to adopt or change racial identity?

Gender is much more biologically associated than race, yet people are given the right to self-determination on that, and respected for the choice.

The definition in post 11 is the only one I’ve ever heard - nothing to do with lying about one’s race. Or even a way to “discriminate” - other than in the strict sense - they differentiate themselves from other by the whining and sense of entitlement.

A potential (could have been South American according to geneticists) or even 1/1200 even further back or a relative 10 generations ago does not make that your ethnic identity. Especially on your announcement pr or official bar registrations.

Millions of Caucasian dna samples indicate minute African samples. What’s the difference.

If you have “minute African samples” you presumably have not been made vulnerable because of prejudice and discrimination. In that case you can wear your “blackness” for fun and enjoy the culture etc without any of the hardship. There is a huge difference between the life experience of someone who has lived the life of a white person and then switches out, compared to someone who has dark skin.

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I don’t see the connection between a faker and a “Karen” (which is a pretty ridiculous thing at the moment anyway, and pretty unfair to all woman named such.) This thread is probably about to become something it shouldn’t be, so I am going to close it.