Race Question

<p>Hello, I have an urgent question.</p>

<p>I am North African, but my skin color is white. However, I fully identify myself as an African; I connect with other Africans whether black or not, and have aspirations to do a lot for Africa.</p>

<p>On the CommonApp, the question is asked: "Please indicate how you identify yourself". If you then read their little Help box, it says: "You may provide whatever answer you feel best applies to you or any groups of which you feel you are a part."</p>

<p>I did in all seriousness at the time feel that the box for African American was most relevant because I consider myself African, and it says in parentheses (Including Africa and Caribbean). So I checked that, then specified "North African". Just recently I found out that North Africans are considered white, not African American.</p>

<p>Now with acceptances looming, I am really starting to freak out. Do you guys think I could get expelled if they see that I am not black? If yes, I have been contemplating emailing the colleges because I haven't heard back from any yet, telling them what happened. What do you guys think I should do?</p>

<p>And by the way this is a serious question, I know there was a troll thread slightly similar to this, but this really did/is happening and I am really freaking out!!</p>

<p>Since they asked what you identify with and what you think best applies to you, and you gave that response, you did not lie on your application.</p>

<p>You provided an entirely truthful answer to the question.</p>

<p>Also, the part you sign says that all information is true and correct TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE.</p>

<p>It won't be a problem.</p>

<p>I think that's the same way that many Middle Easterners consider themselves Asian, being as they're, well, you know, from ASIA. You're African. You're from Africa. You are an African American, and it would be a lie for you to say otherwise.</p>

i am moroccan. both my brothers listed themselves as african american on college apps. i plan to do the same this year. we are not dark.</p>

<p>and they can't rescind you for listing african american. that would be discriminatory and they would surely face a lawsuit on their hands.</p>