<p>When I ponder about race, I think about how racism and discrimination still exists today. Frankly, asians are ''supposed'' to be intelligent. This type of stereotype is fked up, no lie. How can some ignorant dam people expect an entire race to be automatically smart? I am so sick of the girl cheating off my homework in class when I pass my papers up. She tries to complete it secretly like shes coughing..Jesus..</p>

<p>What is your honest view on Asian teenage males? (Don't worry, no one can track your ip.) </p>

<p>I believe the blondes think the asians are the ugliest race.. If thats true, I'm screwed.</p>

<p>If you want the girl to stop copying your paper, grow a backbone and just be like, "Hey chill out with that." or "You don't know me." and take your paper. Not that hard.</p>

<p>I think Asian males are sheltered and ignorant. I wouldn't know if they're ugly but people say girls think they're too effeminate.</p>

<p>Well, Asians OVERALL have higher test scores, no? But you're right, obviously this doesn't apply to everyone. It is a generalization.</p>

<p>Maybe people think Asians are smart because all they see are the ones who were rich enough to come to America?</p>

<p>^ thats very true.</p>

<p>The "smart Asian" stereotype is true to an extent. My school is about five percent Asian, yet the top four in my class are all at least half Asian.</p>

<p>I read once that Asian males and black females are considered least desirable when it comes to mating preferences. Something to do with biological factors. (not going into detail here)</p>

<p>PM me? That sounds interesting!</p>

<p>Though ridiculously politically incorrect, of course.</p>

I wouldn't know if they're ugly but people say girls think they're too effeminate.


<p>My mother was convinced that my Asian ex-boyfriend (who's the same race as her, nonetheless) was bi for a while. She might still be, come to think of it.</p>

<p>...Kind of mean, when you think about it. "That's the only reason he'd date YOU!" :(</p>

I think Asian males are sheltered and ignorant.


If your going to voice opinions like that, you better have some damn good evidence to back it up.</p>

Maybe people think Asians are smart because all they see are the ones who were rich enough to come to America?


<p>The only people in America who didn't immigrate here are the Native Americans. Therefore, everyone here who isn't Native American had ancestors who were rich enough to immigrate.</p>

<p>AeroEngineer3141: Indentured servitude might be no longer, mate, but one doesn't have to be rich to immigrate.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say that the Asians who get here are rich per se -- my mother certainly wasn't, her family had to mortgage the farm for her to go to college -- but I do believe that the percentage of successful Asians in America is disproportionate to successful Asians in Asia. A certain amount of drive and ambition is needed to leave one country for another, I think.</p>

<p>Of course, all of my evidence is anecdotal, so don't press me for more to back it up.</p>

<p>There are too many Asians to generalize about them. Some follow the smart route, some the jock route, some the gangsta route, etc.</p>

<p>"If your going to voice opinions like that, you better have some damn good evidence to back it up."</p>

<p>Well, I'm asian so I know a lot of asians.</p>

<p>my parents came here with all the combined wealth of $20 bucks, a scholarship to SUNY Buffalo, and a job at KFC. some of the people my father knew at his university in China came later and had much more to stand on initially. the asian immigration pattern really isnt that much different from any other one--the number of visas granted for Asians is still around 8,000 a year, and similar standards are in place.</p>

<p>edit: to somni, you're asian and know a lot of asians, but have no clue about their physical appearance?</p>

<p>No, I wouldn't know if girls find them particularly attractive.</p>

<p>But then again, a generalization like that can't be made for any race..</p>

<p>Coming from a blonde who goes to a school with a lot of asians:</p>

<p>to the OP: You yourself generalize and stereotype when you say "blondes think the asians are the ugliest race."</p>

<p>Stereotypes annoy me to no end. ex: Blondes are dumb. Asians are smart.</p>

<p>I earn better grades than most of the Asian people I know.</p>

<p>The "Native Americans" traveled here on the land bridge. From present day Russia. All peoples are migratory and transient to at least some extent. Asian's and several other ethnic groups seem to value education more so than many "white people". This is a cultural generalization, but many of us see it in our daily lives. I am not asian, but I am lucky enough that my family values education and encourages it, just as many asian families do. I greatly respect the drive and determination of asians in general, as well as immigrants.</p>

<p>I am also blonde, female, and go to school with tons of Asians. I know caltech-bound asians, and asians who will work at mcdonalds until age 90. I know asians who build computers and asians who sell coke. there are also a lot of "normal" asians. Every race has people who will fit into any of these categories. BTW, sorry, but I don't think Asian males are attractive. Yes, some are a bit feminine (lol some quite a bit). But I don't think too many blonde guys are that attractive either. I go for tall, muscular black guys ;P</p>

<p>^ Thanks, now I know to give up my life.</p>