Racial problems with Wake Forest

<p>So I'm applying to Wake Forest soon, and I plan on doing early decision. So. So far I like Wake--I think they have good programs, good academics, etc.. But one thing caught my attention. It's the lack of diversity. I'm Hindu and Indian--my parents were born in India, and I currently attend a predominantly white school, and I hate it. I am looking forward to college just to get out there and experience some cultural diversity around me. But, it seems as though Wake doesn't have it. The stereotypes of Wake seem to fight my school's stereotypes as well--all white, rich, snobby, Republicans, etc... So should I even apply to Wake if I'm looking for diversity? Would I be outcasted if I'm Indian and didn't join a sorority? Thank you for any reply!!</p>

<p>Also, my school is really really sheltered. All the girls there have never experienced any atrosties or hardships. Many of them have never worked in their entire life. A lot of them don’t know the real world–they just believe that mom and dad’s money will be good enough for them forever. All of the people at my school are from the very upper and social elite class. Is this the same way Wake is too? And is Wake also very Cliquey? Like do social groups mix and mingle…do cliques mix and mingle? Do cliques dominate the entire college life experience?</p>

<p>If you live in nc… go Unc ch
Out of Nc…Jhu maybe</p>

<p>Only you can tell if you would like life at WFU. And as you are applying ED, is make 100% sure that’s where you want to be. It doesn’t sound like you’re sold on the school. Have you visited? </p>

<p>I have no conflict of interest here as I am a parent with absolutely no ties to the school, but as an Indian (and Hindu, although not that observant), there is something to be said about being surrounded by students with similar cultural heritage, although I agree that diversity is important.</p>

<p>Their are so little indians at wf that they accept about all of them. The ones above are goo schools withfair divesity</p>

<p>@PsychoDad1: I know! Cultural diversity is super important. And it just seems as if Wake Forest doesn’t have it. I don’t want to go to an all-white school where all they care about is their holidays and they don’t acknowledge any other religions. I just want to be around some people that have my same ethnic and racial background, and it seems that it’s going to be hard to find that at WF.</p>

<p>So will Wake Forest pretty much accept all their Asian people?</p>

<p>Did you have any close friends that attend the school? Specifically, do you have any Indian friends that attend who could shed some light on this? If you are really having misgivings about this particular issue, then you really need to reevaluate whether not you want to commit to the school, especially if you’re replying via early decision, which would bind you to the school unless finances don’t work out.</p>

<p>Are there other schools that you are thinking about that might have a larger Indian population?</p>

<p>If it’s not diverse enough for you then don’t do ED. And btw… not all white people are like that.</p>

<p>I know, but I heard the people at Wake are like that.</p>

<p>You can’t assume that all like 5000 people are like that…</p>

<p>OP, absolutely do NOT apply ED to a school you are so unsure of. It sounds like you want to be someplace where you can experience many types of people, and also have friends that share your culture and heritage. So do a little more research and find a school that fits the bill.</p>

<p>You could also visit Wake for an overnight to get a better feel. I have little experience with Wake, have only known a couple people who went there, but my impression is that it is predominantly white, wealthy, and preppy as you suspected. I’m sure there are many exceptions, but maybe not enough to make you comfortable.</p>

<p>I went to the Wake Forest website and found ASIA, the Asian Student Interest Association:
<a href=“https://orgsync.com/21740/chapter[/url]”>https://orgsync.com/21740/chapter</a>
Wake Forest A.S.I.A is open to anyone who is interested in Asian cultures and promoting diversity on the Wake Forest University Campus. A.S.I.A stands for Asia Student Interest Association. ASIA participates in and organizes many activities throughout the school year from the Moon Festival and Diwali in the Fall semester to the Lunar New Year celebration in the Spring. If you are interested in becoming a member, drop by during a meeting or contact an executive board member.</p>

<p>There’s an email address to contact them.</p>

<p>You can find student organizations on any campus by looking at the college’s website.</p>

<p>Nerdygirl, I have relatives from WF and believe you would be welcome there. A few points:

  1. Don’t pre-judge a university or its students
  2. College students tend to be more open to diverse students.<br>
  3. All top 25 private universities have a similar percentage of well funded students. They need well funded students to make the numbers work. The number seems to be >33% of students able to pay the full COA.
  4. Every student has a different priority list of what they a looking for in a university. If an ethnic diverse student body is a top priority for you there are other top universities that may fit your goals better then WF.
  5. Visit all the schools on your list an formulate your own opinion.</p>

<p>I am a WFU parent. While the students are all generally nice kids and the administration is fantastic, Wake is predominantly filled with white, upper middle class, Christian kids. They are accepting of others and as a whole are not discriminatory. That said, the OP seems to want a school with diversity - then Wake is not the right place. Statistically, the campus is just not diverse. The students may be accepting of other, but if the OP wants to be in an environment where there are a reasonable amount of other students with the same background, it just isn’t there at Wake.</p>

<p>Nerdygirl, I must agree with the recent post by Ammamm. I am a Wake alum and current Wake grad student, so my ties to the campus are pretty strong. I was a little offended by the “Racial problems” title, as your post makes it sound like Wake Forest has huge race driven issues, which is doesn’t. That being said, there is nothing being hidden by anyone at Wake to decieve you into thinking there is a robust cultural diversity and then pulling the rug out from under you when you arrive. The school and student body are what they are, and their attributes are widely known and have been reiterated in this thread. As for my suggestions…You claim to “hate” the predominately white school you currently attend, so why are you even considering Wake? I would suggest CERTAINLY NOT applying early decision, and would honestly suggest not applying at all. If you aren’t going to be happy with the environment and experience, then don’t even consider attending that school. There are other great schools that will provide a more robust multi-cultural experience.</p>