Rafting trips and getting from one end to the other

A friend is doing a rafting trip from Cambridge, ID to Lewsiton, ID. The company offers the service that they will drive your car to Lewiston. No one in the group wants a random person driving their car & the service says the insurance coverage is YOUR insurance. None of these people want to be at risk of an lawsuits if any driver gets in an accident.

Anyone done these trips? Any great ideas for transport one way, from Lewiston to Cambridge? They could leave their cars in Lewiston (4 people) and get a ride to Cambridge.

Trips I’ve been on like this (biking, multi-sport, not rafting) have always had the option of taking you back to where you started as part of the package.
I would NOT let some random person drive my car.
I don’t know how far these points are from each other, but could they leave one car in each place?

Every time we’ve been rafting there has been a shuttle bus to take us back to our car. I would also not let a stranger drive my car.

The other thing to do is to take two cars and leave one at the take out point and drive the other to the put in/start…

It’s about 3.5-4 hours between the two towns, so 7-8 hours of driving if you go round trip. Good to hear they are not crazy in their feelings.

How much does a one way rental car from the end point to the start point cost?

In the current COVID conditions, it would feel safer to me to have someone drive my car at the start of the trip and leave it empty for a few days at the end. I’ve thought of going rafting this summer but am not enthused at the idea of sharing a shuttle bus to the drop in point.

Is it such a nice car that you wouldn’t ever let someone else drive it?