Raise my score up 4 or 5 points? What am I supposed to study?

<p>The first time I took the ACT (senior year in high school), I got a 19: 20 on English, 20 on Math, 18 on Reading, and 17 on Science. The second time I took it (2 months later), I got a 20: 21 on English, 19 on Math (weird it went down), 25 on Reading, and 15 on Science. For the college I plan on going to, my ACT composite score needs to be Middle 50% between 24-30. I didn't study at all, so I'm pretty sure if I studied, I could get at least 24. The only thing, is that I really don't know what exactly I'm supposed to even study... I guessed on nearly every science question, so I think if I did better on that part, my score what go up.. So as the title says, could I raise my score up 4 or 5 points? What should I study to better my ACT score?</p>

<p>I would sugest getting a prep book. That will probably raise your score enough b/c you are not trying for anything above average..</p>