Raised 10pts on ACT

<p>I would really like to emphasize that "THE BEST WAY to HIGH SCORE IS TO PRACTICE"</p>

<p>My first practice ACT score was about 19-21...
That was about two months ago.
It's about 30 now. I'm hoping to get at least 33 on Sept.
My advice?</p>

<p>I've tried every bits of advice on this board, but really, the best thing that you can give to yourself is to practice MORE, not just researching on some ADVICES. They can help, but I have found out some can actually work against me. It took me awhile to figure out the one for myself. </p>

One more thing...
Being smart really means "mastering all the rules."
This is not to say that I am, but rather to say that intelligence can often come from
more exposure[practice] and willingness to better your situation.
I was some dumb international student who could not speak a word in English btw. </p>

<p>Don't give up if your score is low...
You're not dumb.
Go buy some books if you don't have'em
Go buy some more if you ran out
solve solve solve and solve
36! 36! 36!</p>

<p>May all of you get into your first choice ^___^</p>

<p>very motivationg thank you :) Right now I am studying for the ACT and I am just tired of it! lol anyway, my target score is 33-34 but I don't know if that's really realistic...any input?</p>

<p>June 10th score (1st time cold)
English 34
Math 30
Reading 29
Science 23 (totally lost focus here >_<)
Essay 12</p>

<p>right now I am kinda scared b/c my english is fluctuating from a 32 to 34 on practice tests. math right now is 32, reading is 32-33, science is dismal...</p>

<p>Anything is possible :):):)
Available time+Effort=36</p>

<p>It took you 2 months to raise it. You still think it's possible to jump that high in 1 month? If so, how long do you recommend to us to study.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be negative, but still, 1 month feels like a short amount of time with school and etc. :)</p>

<p>You said you are not trying to be negative? It sounds like you are being negative. Yes, I do believe it is possible to raise scores high in a month. </p>

<p>I work, clean the house, tutor my sister, do my online course homework, grab something to eat, check my email, do little search on college, talk to friends, and still find a time to study ACT for five or six hours per day. 5hrs/day times 30 days= 150 hours. Wouldn't that be more than enough to raise at least 2-3 composite as a full-time, English as a mother language student?
If you don't have time, make time. Sleep less and procrastinate less. :)</p>

<p>I think 5 or 6 hours is pushing it</p>

<p>That is what I call dedication. Thanks for the motivation.</p>

<p>premed, which books did u use?</p>

<p>That is very motivating, but one question.. did you have ANY prep or knowledge about the ACT before you took your first practice test? I didn't take a "pre" studying test, but I would have liked to in retrospect because I think just learning ABOUT the test is guaranteed to raise your composite a couple of points.</p>

I guess my point is, not to sound too pessimistic, but people who have been studying and practicing hard already.. it might be unlikely that they will be able to change their score drastically higher.</p>

<p>To answer all questions above, I did not have any previous knowledge of ACT before I took the test. Just general things that I have acquired in school. After memorizing what Kaplan+Barrons+personal research had to offer, my score is now going abovvvee 30. so you see, memorizing+practice=high score. </p>

<p>Saint_Paul/ I know what you mean, although I often scoff at people who says that they had studied their butt off when they only spent an hour/day. ROFL. I studied TWELVE hours today btw without ever stopping. Improving scores drastically requires some drastic means of studying. </p>

<p>Don't call me crazy now...:) I need to stand out among thousands of talented Brown applicants. I will post update when I cross 34. Ah ha ha. Hopefully.</p>

<p>I just scored perfect on English. OMG! I didn't expect over 30... It was my worst subject...</p>

<p>I recommend buying Grammar Smart. Do some research too. Good luck.</p>

LOL. WOW. -__-</p>

<p>can you tell me exactly what your plan was for studying the ACT. Please include all your resources you have used.</p>

<p>what have your scores been on actual tests</p>

<p>Just for English I used:</p>

<p>sample test booklets from ACT inc to assess my improvements.(I have collected over the years)
Korean books on English grammar
Grammar smart
Barrons- math was way too hard -_-but major help on science
Internet -MAJOR HELP on searching the grammar rules</p>

<p>I still haven't touched:
Real ACT
etc gotta finish this by this month</p>

<p>That's it. I score better on Kaplan, but since that wouldn't be a good assessment,
I used sample test booklets from previous years. So my 36 isn't inflated. :)</p>