Has anybody had any recent experience with how RaiseMe is combined with other types of aid? I understand that different colleges do it differently, but my understanding was that RaiseMe amount is usually what the student would have gotten directly from college anyway. More specifically to our situation, my daughter has a certain amount on RaiseMe. She also got a merit scholarship from this college and the amount is about 4 times higher than RaiseMe amount. Need to decide by October 15 whether to submit RaiseMe information or not. Is it ever stacked with the merit scholarship or is it just going to reduce the amount of merit and/or potential need-based aid? Is it going to hurt anything to submit it? Thank you in advance for any advice!

I was told the Raise Me award was just the minimum the school agreed to award the student, so if there was no other merit aid they’d get the Raise Me amount. My son submitted to the two schools that accepted it and his financial aid offers from both had nothing on there related to Raise Me, but he had merit scholarships that exceeded the Raise Me amount at both.