Raising SAT scores over high school

<p>Hi, I'm a ninth grader who took the SAT in the seventh and eighth grade. In the eighth grade I got 1300. How much do you think that I could raise this score?

<p>A 1300 in eighth grade MIGHT predict as much as 100 points a year in score growth just from general intellectual growth. READ, READ, READ, and READ widely, avidly, frequently, and critically for the next few years for the Critical Reading section of the new SAT I, and do a good variety of math problems and THINK about what they mean for the math section. Then you should do fine by the time it really counts. Good luck.</p>

<em>gets to studying</em></p>

<p>Crazy, I think that a 1300 in 8th grade bodes very well for your scores junior year. I don't think you need to worry about studying yet, seeing as you're still a freshman, but it wouldn't hurt to start maybe summer after soph year if you are worrying this much. Just to give you an idea, I took the SAT in 7th grade and improved more than 500 points by 11th grade. There is a thread somewhere abot 7th/8th grade scores versus 11th/12th grade scores and, from what I remember, it seemed that most people went up by a significant amount (usually 200+ points)</p>

<p>a 1300 in 9th grade is very good. I think you'll end up somewhere in 1550+ range.</p>

<p>i didn't study that much and i improved my score by 490 points from 9th grade (from a 990 to a 1480).</p>

<p>Dude, you don't need to start studying yet! You don't need to take it again for a while.</p>