Ralph J Bunche Scholars program at Colby

I recently got selected to join Colby College’s Ralph J Bunche Scholars program for students of color. I wanted to know if there is anyone that can provide any insight on their experiences as Scholars and in general their experience as an underrepresented minority at Colby in recent years.

I was also selected for this program! I don’t have any insight, but I’m glad you asked on here.

I got selected too! Thanks for asking this question! I was really curious as well.

Congrats on being selected as a Bunche Scholar! I’m a current student and Bunche Scholar. Here’s my take on the program:

Essentially Bunche identifies students of color who have leadership potential and provides a $3,000 opportunity grant that funds a substantial summer or JanPlan experience. Students have used it to fund internships abroad, do community service work in their hometown, etc. There really is no limit to what you can do.

We’ve had a couple in-person meetings/dinners this year where you can meet other scholars. There are also local community service projects facilitated by the program. However, it’s not really a regular group chapter/club perse.

Also, you have to complete an online educational course (one unit per quarter). For example, past units have been on the life of Ralph J. Bunche (a really inspirational figure), and social justice topics (such as examining intersectionality and privilege etc.)

Keep in mind the program is constantly undergoing structural changes and student input is welcomed. I think they’re trying to incorporate more in person meetings next year, as well as greater networking among Bunche alumni and current scholars.

The program has been around for awhile (1979), so it’s pretty cool to be among this group of promising leaders at Colby. Congrats on your achievement once again! :slight_smile: