Ramapo College

Does Ramapo college have the required classes to get me into multiple vet schools?

Getting into one vet school is already a feat, from any college.

They have general Biology and Environmental Science, but I think our be better off at a college that has an Ag school.

Might be tough finding a public ag school in NJ-but if you’re serious about being a veterinarian, you’ve got work to do.

  1. See what courses are required for admission to vet school; here’s a place to start:
  2. Then cross-reference Ramapo’s course catalogue-and it might be a good idea to contact their pre-health advisors, too(it doesn’t appear they’ve got pre-vet advisors) to double check the course offerings.

And yes, this will take some time.

I have an Sat score of a 1180 and a Gpa of 3.64, is this good enough to get admitted?