Randolph college?

<p>Does anyone know anything about randolph college? I would really like to know how liberal the campus is, but can't find anything.</p>

<p>Randolph College was formerly Randolph-Macon Women's College. This year is the first year it is co-ed. I would say it's fairly centrist.</p>

<p>Back in my day (think primordial soup, pterodactyls flying overhead, etc) the faculty were liberal and the student were conservative. But that may have changed with time, and may also change now that they are recruiting students to a different sort of college.</p>

<p>Hoedown's probably younger than I (most people are) but my experience would be roughly the same. Most of the RMWC women I knew came from rural backgrounds (not to say that they all did), and tended towards conservatism.</p>

<p>It is in Lynchburg, VA but the real conservative school is across town at Liberty.</p>

<p>It's having substantial financial difficulties...there is a controversy over a decision to sell off part of the school's very valuable art collection to raise money.</p>

Randolph hit a few bumps following the transition to co-education, but quickly got past that stage and is doing quite well. It is focusing on the sciences, arts, and sustainability. It is a melting pot of liberal and conservative students and professors, but a majority tip towards the liberal side.