Random ACT Reschedules

I had two kids registered to take the ACT for July 17. This morning we get an email that one of them has been switched to a different center (about a 3 hour drive from the original one) and for July 18 rather than July 17, while there has been no change for the other kid.

No explanation as to why.

Have others experienced something similar?

It’s frustrating for sure. My D registered for the June 12 test and a week after registering received notice that her seat was cancelled (I guess they cancelled some seats due to distancing/capacity?) even though the test center was not cancelled. So she changed her registration to July 17 and then a few weeks later received a notice that her test center was cancelled for July 17. I literally can’t find a test for July 17 within a one day drive, so am hoping to change it now to September 11 but so far no luck finding a way to register at any test center in our state. By now my D is lobbying hard not to take it again since all of her schools are TO and she was able to take the state/district administered ACT in April. She did alright but I personally really want her to take another crack at it if she gets the chance as targeted study could really help impact one (lower than expected) subscore and generate a higher superscore. But at least she was able to sit for it once!

And now they cancelled the registration for the kid whose test wasn’t moved. So one kid switched to a different day and center, and the other kid just plain cancelled.

And all this happens after the deadline to switch test centers, so even if we could find one that has spots, it is too late.

Yes, very frustrating.

Best of luck finding a center for September (and in convincing your D to take another crack at it)