Random advise for incoming freshmen at UCSD

<p>I've had some interesting experiences my freshman year. Here are some extremely random pieces of advice:</p>

<p>1.) There are freshmen seminars. TAKE AS MANY AS YOU CAN. Not only are they absolutely fantastic, but they give you extra units! More units = better registration times in the future! I came into UCSD having passed only six AP tests (my high school sucked and only offered six AP classes) but I stacked up on these seminars and within two quarters I have better registration times than lots of my friends.</p>

<p>2.) Should you bike or longboard? Doesn't matter. You could do neither if you wanted. Bikes are a great way of getting around. There are plenty of bike locks around campus and bike theft is pretty uncommon. (However, I did witness four dudes getting arrested last year for trying to steal bikes near the Pangea Parking Structure in ERC. They obviously failed.) Plus you probably already know how to ride a bike.</p>

<p>I originally bought a bike off an older student at the beginning of the year. I rode it for a few months but then I tried my roommate's longboard. I fell in love immediately. I never boarded before so I was pretty terrible (I've had some pretty bad accidents... Image</a> - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting) However, you get real good real quick if you fall enough. :-p Longboards are definitely more convenient than bikes, plus you can take them on the campus shuttle if you don't feel like pushing up against a fat hill.</p>

<p>3.) Drinking in the dorms is easy and very common. Just be SMART about it. Don't be too loud, don't have too many people in one place, and LOCK THE DAMN DOOR. I've only been written twice... Once because some idiot left the door open to go to the bathroom right and an RA just happened to pass by. (BTW, I didn't get in trouble at all. They just made us pour the drinks out. :-( Poor UV.....) The other time I got written up was because I was racing down a hill on my longboard drunk and shirtless at 4 AM. Don't do that.</p>

<p>4.) My friend doesn't know if it was just his dorm, but drugs were pretty easy to get. He's come across weed, speed (in the form of adderall), shrooms, extasy and even some cocaine. Frats are a big source of the harder drugs. Oh, this is all according to my friend by the way. I don't do drugs and I don't know anyone that does or sells them. Unfortunately my friend fell off Mt Everest and died so I can't ask him any more questions. </p>

<p>What I can tell is to be CAREFUL. Know your limits and if you choose to take drugs, do them in the company of people you like and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, trust!
Weed is pretty safe: you'll just fall asleep or maybe throw up if you smoke too much.
Speed (in the form of adderall) is pretty safe too. However, you do risk cardiovascular damage if you take too much.
BE CAREFUL WITH SHROOMS. Make sure you are in a good mood when you take them and make sure you are not on MAOI type antidepressants - the drug interactions will likely kill you. Also, make sure not to take too much your first time. An ostrich once told me of someone trying to jump out of her fourth story window because she was tripping too hard. Another reason to be with people you trust.
For extasy, just look at the advise i gave for shrooms.
Cocaine is stupid. don't do it.</p>

<p>5.) At the beginning of the year, DON'T STAY LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM! GO OUT AND SOCIALIZE. I think UCSD's rep of having a terrible social life is windly overblown but it's not without merit. Please don't perpetuate the stereotype.</p>

<p>I'll add more when I remember.</p>

<p>typo in the thread title. i apologize</p>

<p>More random ADVICE** (spelled correctly) DON'T DO DRUGS AT ALL</p>

<p>Drugs are stupid!
DON'T DO THEM, just cuss like a ***** every time you want to do drugs :P</p>

<p>don't be stupid. we've heard "don't do drugs" all your life. I agree, it's better for you health and wallet if you don't do em at all but just going around saying "don't do drugs" isn't going to help anyone that is curious.</p>

<p>Well I find it a little ridiculous that this guy is offering advice on CC of all places on how to do drugs. Don't know just think it's a little inappropriate because I have seen what drugs have done to a lot of my friends and it's not ok.</p>

<p>kiddos, DON'T do drugs. I've seen ambulances race to the building over because kids ODed on them, or did stupid stuff. A couple of people got kicked out of their dorms PERMANENTLY because they were caught. Drugs kill braincells, ruin your body, etc, and if you want that then there's no point in paying 20K+ in going to college. </p>

<p>But DO go out and socialize. By socialize, I don't mean doing drugs and wrecking havoc on the campus and graffiti and stuff. Join clubs, go to all the events, make a lot of friends, and find work on campus. You'll make great friends, find good connections, and you'll have a great freshman year. </p>

<p>As for the freshman seminars, I regret not doing one, but there's still seminars for undergrads I believe. But be careful not to take too many non-major classes, because there's a unit cap on the amount of units one can take, and you'd have to petition to go over 200 units I think. </p>

<p>Also, go to the dances, Bear Garden (even though you can't legally drink there, the games are fun, especially when you see people try aiming and throwing in the games XD), SunGod, and your own college events. I'm in Marshall, and even the little things like RA Pizookie Night and Battle of the Res Halls make college more fun and a little less stressful (: And it's a good way to meet neighbors and future roommates and friends!</p>

<p>Another piece of advice: go study at the library, or anywhere where you can REALLY concentrate. I made the mistake of studying in my room all year long, and I got distracted by laptop, TV in the common room, and suitemates coming in and out asking for help. So just remember why you're in college too (: Try looking into taking a language for fun, looking at Marshall's Public Service Minor (with three internships) or Gospel Choir (I heard it's a good class for Fine Arts GE, and super easy!) Good luck everyone!</p>


<p>Good advice</p>

<p>thanks Sasmita_Shah : )</p>

<p>all this anti-drug sentiment is making me think that maybe ucsd is as socially dead as every one claims it to be jk guys don't go crazy on me . LOL thanks SDtrition I found your post quite informative and funny. =)</p>

<p>no problem droobles (:
Bear Garden was so much fun! I won a bear with all the tickets and gave it as a birthday present haha.
also, go to all the Welcome Week stuff! i regret not going to Meet The Beach ): And maybe try learning something new at the gym! They have Rec Classes for all types of stuff, from dancing to aerobics to archery! I took a Hip Hop class and it was a great way to relax and have fun. My friend took a "Learn How to Flip" class as well. </p>

<p>Just explore your options and ask around, especially upperclassmen. College is a place to find out what you're interested in, and what you can do, so just try stuff out! </p>

<p>Mm. Also, go to the gym. SERIOUSLY. avoid the freshman 15, it's super hard to work out to lose that weight, and besides, you're paying for gym membership anyways, so why not use it? It gets crowded in the morning, at 7ish, so go in the evening if you have time or earlier on?</p>

<p>The gym's crowded at night as well...afternoon's best time.</p>

<p>I don't think SDTriton is advocating drug use...just realistic, logical advice.</p>

<p>6.) Drink water! People gain tons of weight from drinking tons of soda, juice, etc. I personally lost 20 pounds my freshman year... And I wasn't even overweight to begin with</p>

<p>Afternoon at RIMAC is bad if you're planning on using The Pit (area with most of the free-weights); UCSD sports teams have that reserved weekday afternoons, so everyone is restricted to cardio and machines only.</p>

<p>WHAT. Whats a good place that has free weights in the afternoon then?</p>

<p>main gym..</p>

<p>main gym STIIIINCKS but its like 3 mins away from tenaya so its coo</p>

<p>i don't know how many people know this, or take advantage of it, but there's a small gym at the pool. it's very small but when we went there were like 2 other ppl there. so it was a cool workout, weights and then swimming. THEN spa right after. ooooooh yeah.</p>

<p>I haven't tried drugs nor do I ever want to, but I agree with SDTriton. People DO get curious. and If you're gonna try it you need to be smart about it.</p>

<p>Do it with people that are experienced and know what the eff their doing. Just don't make it a habit. Make sure it's a once or twice in a life-time thing.</p>

<p>smoke weed everyday :D</p>