Random College Admission

<p>I'm not sure if this is true, but i've heard this rumor a few times that some university (can't remember which one) is famous for apparently throwing all of the applications they receive down a flight of stairs and accepting the ones that land face up. can anyone attest to whether they have heard something like this or whether this sounds like complete bs (which it does to me). thanks.</p>

<p>-__- If I could I would slap whoever told you this, that's how silly this sound. I'm sure something as important as college acceptance won't be left to gravity to decide.</p>

<p>Nothing more than a joke.</p>

<p>yeah i kinda figured thanks...</p>

<p>At some schools, they have so many great apps they might as well.</p>

<p>I know that at Williams, there is a (now infamous) radio interview with the 2011 adcoms on NPR (I believe it was NPR, at least), in which they said they had so many good essays they basically had to randomly choose a pile to get rid of after already deciding those kids would get in.</p>

<p>born2dance: that's Amherst and there is no such brutal statement. It's just a discussion that they must pull some files off of the "accept" pile in the final cut-offs.</p>

<p>Behind</a> The Scenes: How Do You Get Into Amherst? : NPR</p>

<p>It's under eight minutes in total.</p>

<p>The flight of stairs urban myth actually started many, many years ago as a result of a professor from a university I cannot remember doing a written piece with photos that set in detail how the flight of stairs process worked. It was not just those that landed face up that got admitted but those that landed further down than others and those that landed on the edge of a stair teetering between staying on the one stair and falling to the next and those that landed leaning up against a stair. It was, of couse, a big joke, but he presented it which such a matter of fact and serious tone that there were actually some that believed it was true and thus an urban legend was born.</p>

<p>Sorry I meant Amherst</p>

<p>This is the part I meant:

There is gonna come a point where it's going to be very close to, you know, closing your eyes and doing that.... for that group, it's effectively a lottery. It really is.


It is a little random.