Random question...

<p>I really like the looks of WashingtonU--it's probably my favorite school right now.</p>

<p>My only concern is (since WashingtonU is a top 20 school) if the professors actually spend time teaching their students, or, like some of the Ivies, spend all their time researching while assistants teach the classes.</p>

<p>I'm just now starting to look into this school, so sorry if this has been answered before.</p>


<p>In my 3 semesters here, I have not had a single class taught by a TA rather than a professor. Nor have I heard of any cases of that taking place at washu (I'm pretty sure that professors must teach to remain at the university)</p>

<p>That's great--exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks so much :)</p>

<p>From what I have heard from various students, some of the lowest level classes that have many sections are taught by senior level grad students, but the vast majority of classes are taught by the profs. For the students that test out of the basic English or Calc I classes, for example, they indeed would probably never have a class taught by a grad student.</p>

<p>I think from the implication of your question, WUSTL provides the kind of undergrad oriented atmosphere you are looking for.</p>

<p>Professors teach classes. TAs conduct recitations and lab sections.</p>

<p>TA's don't teach Writing which is the required Fr course. I assume that is the English course that fallen was speculating about. I also believe only Engineering majors can try to test out of Writing.</p>