Random Questions Part II

<p>For the films/exhibits, etc. Is anyone actually putting down actual films they watched? I was going to put like LOTR but I think it might be a little bit sketchy... or is everyone sticking to exhibits/plays/etc.?</p>

<p>I did a little of everything. Hey, I bet someone in the admissions office likes LOTR too.</p>

<p>HOw about uhh harry potter! I don't want to put anything inappropriate, catch my drift?</p>

<p>It's fine. Just don't put "Playboy" or "Penthouse" as your favorite magazines, and "Good Night Moon" as your fondest work of literature, if you catch my drift.</p>

<p>Heck, I said my most often read magazines were Sports Illustrated and the Sporting News.</p>

<p>My S wanted his lists to reflect who he was, so he did include LOTR (in fact, he abbreviated it like that, since the space was so tiny.) His list was eclectic and included other different types of movies, books, concerts, etc. which truly gave the adcoms a picture of him. I think the worse thing you can do is try to put down what you think will impress them (taking into account Soul8's caveat.) On the books list, he ranged from Stephen Hawking to Positively Fifth STreet (book about the World Series of Poker).</p>