Random questions

<p>Lately I've been posting more and more questions about Reed because I'm uncertain if it's a good school for me. I would have to transfer next year to go, but I'm keeping my options open. So here are some more random questions. :)</p>

<p>Question #1
As a whole, how many vegetarians/vegans would you say there are on campus? Would I be heckled for being an omnivore? I just find it hard to give up meat is all. I fully support vegetarians/vegans and if I had willpower would become one in an instant they do great things for the environment.</p>

<p>Question #2
Are people at Reed like aliens from outerspace or are they a mixture or eccentricity and normalcy? I am eccentric in certain ways,ie, liberal, obsessed with kurt vonnegut,enjoy classical music/ random music, adore sigmund freud,tend to shy away from social scenes ( parties, sports, don't go out too often) but that is mainly because i hate the area i am from. I'm really shy. But I'm also "normal" ( although there really isn't a "normal" if you think about it) ie, enjoy shopping, food, like to meet people, and am pretty accepting of all people.</p>

<p>Question #3
(Last question)
What was your first impression of Reed when you visited. Not one you got from reading about it or looking at pictures online. Be honest. The first thing that popped into your head when you got to the campus. How did you feel? Scared, Welcome,Optimistic,Surprised? And now that you've been there how did your views/ opinions of Reed change? (If they did.)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for answering my rediculous questions.lol</p>

<p>Feel free to talk about other Reed related things as well, I guess what I'm saying is it's okay to go off on a tangent. I'm just trying to learn more about the school. :)</p>

<p>BTW, my son has a shirt that has a picture of Freud on it and says "REPRESENT", because Freud has a posse. He's a big ol' Freud geek.</p>

<p>Question #1
I don't know how many people are vegan, but whenever there is a BBQ, there's always a vegan option for the hot dogs and hamburgers.</p>

<p>Question #2
Reed is a pretty accepting place. Hard to find anyone there who is a hard-core conservative, though. </p>

<p>Question #3
Man, these people smell weird. Why are so many people smoking outside? Cool, that girl has pink hair. Look, a squirrel! ---> Everyone is really friendly; oooo these people hold doors open for me! I want to be friends with these people but it's sometimes hard to approach them. Sometimes I feel intimidated but know that I shouldn't be. Look, more squirrels! </p>

<p>All-in-all, Reed is awesome. I'm not a real Reedie yet, so I haven't experienced it all...or as much as I want to experience it, at least.</p>

<p>Question #1</p>

<p>Campus dining is some of the best college food around. There's always soup, salad, and grill. At lunch and dinner times, Commons serves specialties that are cooked to order. Thursday is hot turkey sandwich day -- always a favorite.</p>

<p>Reed</a> College : Vault Quality of Life Surveys</p>

<p>They still eat meat @ Reed- in fact during Renn Fayre they even have a meat smoke cam
<a href="http://www.speakeasy.org/%7Ewillmorg/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.speakeasy.org/~willmorg/&lt;/a>
At Saturday’s feast you can expect our famous bill of fare, including turkey (smoked 22 hours in our amazing “Cathedral of Smoke”), cold-smoked salmon, pit roasted beef and smoked legs of lamb. And at all times, Pirate Camp will provide the kind of rustic, get-your-hands-dirty kind of experience that gives Renn Fayre that certain flavor you know and love.</p>

<p>TRINSF where did he get this shirt?!? I want one!! lol</p>

<p>in the Reed acceptance video, some guy did a haiku praising "turkey sandwich thursday"</p>

<p>easy13wayout, we had the shirt created online on a website sort of like cafepress.com.</p>

<p>anyway, to answer your questions:
Every day in commons they have vegan, vegetarian, and meat specials, and the grill has both vegetarian and meat options. It's funny, though, becausee I'm in the same camp as you -- I wish I could be vegetarian (for environmental reasons only) but I don't have the willpower and I like burgers too much. First semester, I started reducing my meat consumption by only eating meat 5 days out of every 7 and then eventually 3 days out of every 7. It was very easy, and there wasn't much willpower involved because they always had yummy things on both sides. I became a big fan of the triple cheese tomato melts and (suprisingly) the black bean burgers on my vegetarian days. And you definitely won't get heckled either way, really.</p>

<p>I think the experience of all Reedies is that no matter who you are, there will be someone else weirder than you (at least one), and Reed has lots of people all over the spectrum of weirdness. I think the average person is probably around where you're talking about.</p>

<p>When I visited campus, I pretty much felt like I had found my home. That's the best way I could describe it. I just let the entire vibe of the place wash over me and felt uplifted and excited. It was funny, though, because I talked to so many different people andgot so many different opinions about the school that I was able to break away from firm beliefs and instead just get a sense for the general feel of it.</p>