Random thoughts

Similar to the random question thread but for things you’ve observed or thought that don’t warrant an individual thread. I apologize if something similar already exists.

This past week my H and I drove about 500 miles each direction on a camping trip. Along the way we drove through areas covered in smoke and areas with intense heat. What struck me is the farm workers and how hard they worked in difficult conditions. I think many take for granted the risks to health that these hard working people do to bring us food. While most of us took the health department directive to avoid being out and physically active in the thick smoke these works continued to work the fields.

I picked cucumbers with my 22 year old sister one day from sun up to sundown during the summer I turned 14. There were no instructions provided. We were just given bags and turned loose in the field.

A migrant family, from grandparents to small children, worked nearby us. We spent about 12 hours bent over in the hot sun picking away in agony and wondered how the elderly members of that family could go on under the conditions.

At the end of the day, we turned in our bags for calculation of our earnings. It turned out we had picked many cucumbers considered too large, and these were disqualified. Together my sister and I earned $33.00 for our efforts. The lesson on migrant family working conditions was very valuable.

It’s good to remember that not everyone has the option to work from home. And it’s good to remember that not everyone has access to unemployment insurance and can “choose” not to work.

Thanks for this story.