RanK, rank it up

<p>yeah i know...lame title. </p>

<p>anyway, i thought that it'd be helpful for everyone if we ranked all the admission factors from most important to least important when it comes to the Columbia Adcom. </p>

<p>Factors: HS Transcript/GPA, essay, teacher recs, EC's, "Why Columbia" question, interview, columbia involvement (how many times u've visited, whether you've kept in touch with your admissions person..etc.), legacy(for anyone who has it...does anyone?), SAT I scores, SAT II scores, course level </p>

<p>well that's all i could think of, hopefully this solves a lot of confusion regarding stuff like how important interviews are and all that. </p>

<p>Here's what i thought (for whatever it's worth) going from most important to least..
1)HS Transcript/ GPA
2)Course Level
4)Teacher Recs
6)SAT II Scores
7)SAT I Scores
9)Why Columbia
11)Columbia involvement</p>

<p>what do you guys think?</p>

<p>1)HS Transcript/ GPA
2)Course Level
4)Teacher Recs
6)SAT II Scores
7)SAT I Scores
8)Why Columbia
11)Columbia involvement</p>

<p>I would think that the "why columbia" question is more important than if a person is a legacy.</p>

<p>Hi guys, I'm looking at this in an international applicant's perspective... so it may differ slightly.
Any other international applicants? Who also do the IB?</p>

<p>1)HS Transcript/ GPA/ IB predicted scores
2)Course Level (the difficulty of the HS package right?)
3/4)Essay AND Teacher Recs
6)SAT II Scores
7)SAT I Scores
8)Why Columbia
11)Columbia involvement</p>

<p>I'd think that SAT I > SAT II...but perhaps not...</p>

<p>haha glory i was thinking that too...
columbia involvement would matter more for RD applicants (and i guess also why columbia)</p>

<p>Wait...Are these interpretations for SEAS or CC, Cause I think it varies a bit</p>

<p>Hey Christina, I Finally meet a fellow IB student!</p>

<p>Started your Extended essay yet? haha.</p>

<li>Course Difficulty</li>
<li>SAT I and II (standardized tests allow comparisons between GPAs... thats why we have them, because they're standardized while highschools and grading policies are not)</li>
<li>Essay and other Short Answer Questions</li>

<p>Hey Delfire, yeh I finished my EE already.... English A1.. YOU?</p>

<p>I just got TOK and part 2 english orals left!!</p>

<p>And the exam of course hehe.</p>

<p>Can't wait till IB's over!!!! Where are you doing the IBs? (where do you live?)</p>

<p>Oh and the interpretations are more for the CC i think.. and yeh perhaps the SAT 1 scores are more imp. than SAT 2 scores?
But I think the recs and essay and ECs are def. more important than the scores (at Columbia anyway!)</p>


<p>what do you mean by columbia involvement??</p>

<p>what do you think are the interpretations for SEAS????????? god, i'm so worried =(</p>

<p>i think for SEAS its a lot of personal qualities and math/science</p>

<p>so basically, grades/testing, essay, recs r really important</p>

<p>neone agree with me?</p>

<p>1) GPA
2) Course Schedule
3) Essays
4) EC's
5) Teacher Rec's
6) Why Columbia
8) SAT I
9) Interview
10) Legacy
11) Columbia involvement</p>

<p>I honestly believe that SAT's, while important, are not nearly as important as people make them out to be. I believe that the admissions committee members want to find out who you are based on the way you describe yourself, your academic prowess in school and the way you spend your time out of school.</p>

<p>essays and teacher rec's are better judges of character than standardized test scores. a hard course load indicates ur willingness to accept challenges. don't get too obsessed with the numbers. columbia is looking for dynamic individuals with ambition, not just 4.0-ers and 1600ers. </p>

<p>so basically its the whole package</p>

<p>Why do you think the SATII's are more important than the SATI's?</p>

<p>i don't think they are - especially in Columbia's case</p>

<p>I know for a fact they're more important--this one 2004 college guide I looked at says SATIIs aren't used for admissions purposes, just placement. It was pretty reputable, though I forget the name.</p>

<p>sat 2's are more important, said so by the admissions rep herself. something along the lines of..."we think the sat 2s are a better evaluation of your knowledge than Sat 1s" </p>

<p>maybe i'm jumping to conclusions, but the other stuff she said and the way she said it made it seem that way.</p>

<p>If they just used them for placement, then they wouldn't require three of them when you apply. They would only require them after you had been accepted and matriculated, such is the case with UNC-CH.</p>

<p>plus it is included in the academic index which most uber selective schools use</p>