Rank vs. GPA

If my weighted GPA is a 4.33/4.0, then would it negatively impact my chances for MIT if I am #10 ranked in my school instead of top 3? (assuming if I have sufficient SAT & AP scores and extracurriculars)

I’m not sure what you are asking. Weighted gpa is meaningless because every school does their grading/weights differently. What’s the highest gpa available at your school? What’s your unweighted gpa?

Also #10 out of how many? Decile may be more useful.

In any case, no matter if you were #1 in your class, MIT is a reach for every student. Treat it as such.

My unweighted percentage GPA is currently a 93.3. My school doesn’t give us our GPAs on the 4.0 scale but according to the guidance counselor’s conversion table, that would mean my unweighted GPA is a 4.0/4.0. I’m currently a junior, so I’m estimating my rank to be around #10.

10 out of around 600.

Would MIT have equal consideration for #1 and #10 if my unweighted GPA is a 4.0?


Go learn about what MIT really values- their admissions blog have a lot of good information in them. Here’s an oldie but a goodie (& still relevant) to get you started:


Sounds good, thank you so much! Also, I’m guessing UW means university weighted?

UW = Unweighted.

Your school’s grading scale will go with your college applications so you don’t need to worry about converting. The universities will make their own determination about your grades/transcripts.

A 93.3 at my D’s school would have been an A-/3.7.

Don’t worry about what you can’t change. Worry about making the total application the best it can be, and finding match and safety schools.