Ranking College Trumpet Programs Top 10, Top 5 by region, best at X


I saw a very old post with a headline of Ranking College Trumpet Programs and thought let’s do a new one.

What’s everybody’s Top 10 Trumpet College Programs in the US? Top 5 in each region? Best for Jazz? Best for Classical?

There seem to be some definite constants that seem to be on every list on the internet but I’m guessing especially in the regional category there are probably some unsung heroes out there.

For those on the west coast that aren’t interested in hearing about east coast schools, or the east coast who wouldn’t dream of going west or the trapped in the middle or the south…

Let’s hear em. Please?

If anyone saw my older post you know my son’s current readout starts like this;

Arizona State University
Baldwin Wallace
University of North Texas
Manhattan School of Music
University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
University of Maryland

But there are so many others that I am really curious to see this thread maybe take off and spread the information and get thoughts flowing.

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Boston University (Terry Everson)
McGill (Richard Stoelzel)
U Hartford (Phil Snedecor)
U Connecticut (Louis Hanzlick)


If it were me, I’d do whatever I could to get into Barbara and Charlie’s studio at Rice. Including waxing the AO’s car every week in the hot Houston sun. Last chance before they retire.

I’m glad to see Phil Snedecor’s name on the list. Monster player. (Full disclosure - I am friends with his wife) To get an idea how he thinks, take a look at his etudes.


Thank you for this! I’d love to hear about West Coast schools beyond the SF Conservatory of Music. Anyone have any recommendations? My daughter is a serious player who wants to continue playing in college but doesn’t plan to major in music.


Any trumpet list that does not include Colburn Conservatory in the Top 10 is wrong. LOL. Jim Wilt (Assoc. Principal Trumpet, LA Phil) has a great track record of developing talent and helping them get prime jobs going back to his time at Rice (Shepherd). Plus he’s a hell of a guy. [EDIT: I forgot to also say that every single Colburn student gets free tuition, room, and board. That makes it even more appealing and competitive]

As far as other West Coast schools, USC Thornton is the obvious school that hasn’t yet been mentioned. Tom Hooten (Principal, LA Phil) and Jen Marotta modeled their studio after Barbara & Charlie. Great people to boot.

UCLA has Jens Lindemann who also is a total bad-ass.

The other lesser heralded SoCal schools (CSULB, CSUN, CSULA, CSUF, Chapman, others I’m forgetting) have solid faculty, experienced in the local orchestras and the music studios. They provide both excellent music education AND industry connections. Since most players are never gonna get a job in a 52-week orchestra, professional connections to help enable freelance gigs are so important for long-term success as a musician.


I will do a plus one for Terry Everson at Boston University.

Another terrific teacher is Chris Gekker. I believe he is still at UMD-CP.

In terms of trumpet programs, my opinion….it’s all about the studio private teacher.


My kid had some lessons with Phil Snedecor when kid hit a wall with high range at age 12, and then coaching sessions with him intermittently for competitions. Said he’s a fantastic teacher, would have been delighted to have studied with Phil all through college, but decided to major in a non-music field, so wanted a more academically selective school than U Hartford. But for a person who wants to major in trumpet performance, Hartt school at U Hartford, with Phil Snedecor, is a great choice (especially if the person also wants music ed, in which Hartt is very strong).