Ranking competitiveness of state schools for OOS students

<p>Could anyone rank these three schools in order of difficulty of admissions for OOS students (Arts and Science programs)?</p>

UNC-Chapel Hill

<p>In order of difficulty:YMMV depending on when u r graduation high school:</p>

<p>UNC Chapel Hill- North Carolina caps OOS at 18% of the class
UMich: depends on what state you come from in terms of difficulty. People in NY use it as a safety
UCLA: many articles have been published and news reports exist that UC schools are actively seeking OOS students for the tuition $$</p>

<p>Wondering the same thing since I'm applying to all 3. I heard about UCLA wanting more OOS; does that mean that they would be more lenient with out of staters whose stats are a bit below average?</p>

regarding UMich, how about the New England area as a whole?</p>

I'd assume lower standards than previous years.</p>

<p>At a UCB information session, they said their admit rates for instate and out of state are the same. I'd imagine this would apply for UCLA as well, so you don't have an advantage applying as OOS.</p>