Rankings question

<p>When I googled Barnard out of curiosity, I found out that it is ranked #30 around the liberal arts schools, far lower than schools like Wellesley and Haverford. I love Barnard personally, and I think that the quality of teaching/campus life/academic competitiveness is on par with those schools - so I’m wondering if anyone knows how it ended up relatively low on the rankings list. Does it have to do with money, endowments, or what?</p>

<p>(Don’t get me wrong - I am still considering Barnard one of my top choices and I love the school. I just don’t understand the rankings system at all.)</p>

<p>Endowment is a part of the ranking and Barnard is considerably below Wellesley and Smith, but I think the Barnard Trustees are getting more bang for their buck.</p>

<p>Those rankings don't bring into consideration the very relevant fact of Barnard's affiliation with Columbia and all of the unique opportunities that affords Barnard students.</p>