ranks my schools in terms of recruiting

<p>for ib rank them in terms of job placement</p>

<p>boston college(caroll)
unc chapel hill(kenan flagler)
indiana university(kelley)</p>

<p>I'd place NYU Stern at the very top, dont know about the rest....</p>

<p>NYU Stern
Georgetown McDonough</p>

<p>After that I'm not sure...</p>

<p>Undergrad</a> B-School Rankings: Interactive Table</p>

<p>NYU Stern is far beyond the others in your list.</p>

<p>theyre all excellent...nyu and gtown are prob a notch above the others...with rutgers being a notch below</p>



<p>too bad they don't recruit pre-law students. they look for students of a higher quantitative and qualitative caliber...</p>

<p>so what is a appropriate major combination? accounting and stat or accounting and finance or finance and stat</p>

<p>the business week ranking would put emory at the top... just saying... I guess goizueta doesn't get enough recruiters from outside the south</p>

<p>how about notre dame, vanderbilt?</p>

<p>Compare, contrast with respect to investment banking opportunities.<br>
Also, I'd like to work in the south. Could I go to ND and still do this?</p>

<p>go to emory</p>