Rare Scholarships

<p>You know how there are those rare scholarships such as the Duck Tape Prom one, write an essay why it's good being tall in society, or for left-handed scholars? </p>

<p>Well, do you think there are any rare/odd scholarships that honors students for perfect attendance? lol </p>

<p>I'm just curious because I have not missed a single day of school in my entire life and it'll be cool to get a scholarship for that because it takes skilsl not to miss a single day of school. =&lt;/p>

<p>Thats awesome! I had perfect attendance until the 10th grade. When i graduated high school last year only one boy out of 250 people had perfect attendance. He received a plaque at the honors night. Im sure there is a scholarship out there for ya! Try fast web. it is the best</p>

<p>yeah, i have already tired fastweb =\ lol</p>

<p>skills never got me to school, my mom did lol</p>

<p>wow that is crazy... my junior year between clubs, college trips, & the rare sick day, I averaged missing two days of school a week....</p>

<p>:eek: that is like 2/5 of your junior year? If you are being serious, that is a ton of school to miss!!!</p>

<p>I was homeschooled until my senior year, and I'm ending my first semester in college, but I've never missed a class or gotten a tardy (I've been late, but only once without an excuse).</p>

<p>Yeah I am really being serious.. I would usually go two days have a feild trip.. go a day have a pep rally that I set up for the whole day.. go a week .. miss three days for a college visit..
fortunately my school was so easy I could finish all of my work in class the next day and still never have homework.. plus I kept a 4.0! he he he..</p>

<p>I have been searching for a scholarship for perfect attendance too. I haven't missed a day of school since Kindergarten and I think that deserves something!</p>

<p>5 year old post. And the "perfect attendance" scholarship has been discussed ad nauseam.</p>