RAs being loud

<p>I live next to the RA office and they yell and laugh and talk really loud all night. I reminded them it was quiet hours, and they just ignore me and continue to be loud. I was up until 2am because they wouldn't shut up.
I've tried asking them to be quiet, and they ignore me. I've gone to the Res Life office, and nothing happened after that either.
What can I do about this? I nearly slept through my 8am class because I didn't get any sleep.</p>

<p>I would say to continue to document the times that they've been loud, your attempts to talk to them to get them to be quieter, and if it continues to happen, try to find out who their immediate supervisor is. Bring your evidence to the supervisor and explain to him or her that you have tried to speak to the RAs yourself but they do not listen. I would discuss the possibility of perhaps changing rooms if the residential staff continues to refuse to do anything about the problem. Just continue to document and complain until something is done, I would say. As an RA, this behavior is completely unreasonable and it is pathetic that they refuse to follow the policies that they are supposed to enforce.</p>

<p>I have gone to the supervisor, with witnesses, about the noise level. They didn't do anything. This has been a problem for over a year.</p>

<p>Try complaining to the superiors of the supervisors?</p>

<p>^If that doesn't work, it may be time to invest in some ear plugs or noise-cancelling head phones. You can't just suffer through the rest of the semester!</p>

<p>Better yet, contact the on campus police about them and explain the situation.</p>

<p>Going to the head of housing wouldn't hurt either.</p>

<p>Campus police sounds like a good idea.
I really can't do noise cancelling things/earplugs because I have limited vision so not being able to hear is very, very disorienting and kind of scares me :P
I'll try head of housing again. I did that last semester, with no success. But maybe, if I'm persistent they'll listen to me.</p>

<p>If the head of housing doesn't listen, go to the Dean of Students.</p>

<p>Is that what he's there for? I never know what things he actually does. XD
Either way, I've spoken to him several times and he's a really nice guy so that could work.</p>