Rate a Junior's chances.....

<p>Right now I'm top of my class at an incredibly competitive school in suburban Illinois (outside of Chicago). I've got one B but I'm working my ass off to bringe the grade up. My biggest problem is that I'm not club-happy like most people here, I've only done Math Team and I'm on our Golf team. I'll probably be captain of Math Team next year, and maybe I'll convince my coach to put me as Co-captain of Golf next year. Well here's the basic way everyone else puts their stats:</p>

<p>1/2 White, 1/2 Asian Male
Unadjusted GPA: 4.0 (hopefully it'll stay there)
Adjusted GPA: ~4.8 (honors everywhere)
SAT: Mid 1400's (Projected, I'm studying vocab every day)
ACT: 31-34 (Projected)</p>

<p>Golf Team 4 years - Co-Captain
Math Team 4 years - Captain</p>

<p>Physics AP
Chemistry AP
Biology AP
Psychology AP
US. Hist. AP
Calc BC AP
Spanish 5 AP</p>

<p>Some academic awards, probably National Honor Society, volunteer work fixing computers for needy people who are given computers for free.</p>

<p>Other than that I don't have much extracurricular, it'll hurt me a lot. No standardized tests yet, but I've got good guesses, no AP tests yet, but I'll probably have 5 in most of them, a couple of 4's.</p>

<p>I'm looking at engineering schools, like:</p>

<p>University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign (Both parents alumni, in-state, I hope I'd be set to get in here)
Washington U. @ St. Louis
Northwestern University
University of Chicago (Father is graduate alumni)
MIT (Stretch)
Stanford (Stretch)
Princeton (Stretch)</p>


<p>Sorry for the newbie first post, but I want some of the crazy elite people to tell me I'm not getting into their schools with my lack of EC :(</p>

<p>Bump? I know that with the anti-admissions "What are my chance" posts are getting annoying, esp. with Skeptical's post on this page....someone should bump it</p>

<p>Wow did I get ignored......