Schools: Duke, Penn, Brown
SAT: 1510
ACT: 36
High school -
G.P.A. - 4.0 (unweighted) in rigorous Governor STEM awarded academy (public)
APs - all 5s and 4s
Notable ECs in HS -
Varsity Soccer - varsity soccer captain for 3/4 years, the team went to regionals, all-conference team every year, varsity all four years, numerous awards from high school.
Model UN - did all throughout, received awards, college conferences and what not, became president at my high school’s club
Internships- plastic surgeon freshman summer, NASA sophomore summer, Radiology junior summer, ED senior summer.
Completed NASA coursework during sophomore year, which was evaluated by my school as another AP class in difficulty - never went towards GPA lol
Worked in a Soup kitchen once a month since sixth grade
Completed around 100 hours of school volunteer work each year.
Extenuating Circumstances - I missed 1/3 of high school from major surgeries and injuries, including a life-threatening brain-injury, completed homebound schooling, which was harder than regular because there was no teacher for guidance, just self-taught. Though it prepared me to be on my own in college and I excelled in my classes. Tests were administered by a school administrator ( in case you thought I had a leg up LOL)
College (the IMPORTANT part haha):
GPA: 3.85 (college)
LOR from 2 of my professors I got to know closely from deep office-hours conversations (we essentially told each other our life stories and got on a first-name basis haha)
Year: First
College: Top 20 (“public-ivy”) keeping vague for privacy
REASON FOR TRANSFERRING: my school doesn’t have my major; the major I intended on pursuing by attending was not all I thought it was in regards to course availability and resources. These schools have the major and the resources so I am excited at their opportunities!
Founded volunteer organization that is sponsored by an international humanitarian organization that allows students to volunteer-abroad with free room and board
Organized college model UN conference
Chaired another model UN conference
In selective leadership program that works towards developing a community-impacting project. (Think we are starting a tradition with planting trees for first years and starting a “green week” with discounts from local business, tips for being green, the whole shabang)
Also, I do intermural leagues (including soccer) at school haha not really important but thought I would throw it out there
Summer plans: Staying at my university to do paid research in neurology (not sure what specifically yet) or becoming a certified EMT
Intended career plan: surgeon (not sure what specialty yet, there are so many lol) leaning towards neuro though