RATE ME PLEASE (and honor prgrm question)

<p>hi. i'm interested in the Michigan Honors Program. i FedExed my package a few days ago, so it should probably arrive within the next few days.</p>

<p>My stats are (OUT OF STATE):</p>

<p>1400 SAT (700v 700m, retaking, but in nov., so they won't get my new score)
800 writing
770 us history</p>

<p>3.99 gpa, 1st of 214 in class (unweighted gpa)
4.0 re-calculated at Michigan
(4 A-'s and all others (80 grades) either A or A+)</p>

<p>6 APs by end of senior year </p>

<p>lots of community service, ecs, clubs, leadership, etc.
really, really good recs
and (hopefully) really good and solid essays
legacy at michigan (i don't know if this helps...)</p>

<p>basically, i'm not assuming that i'll get into Michigan (first of all, i just applied, so i HOPE that its not too late). but i'm really interested in their honors program. is it POSSIBLE to apply/let them know that i'm inerested before i even know if i'm accepted at the university?</p>

<p>or...must i wait to hear from the university before i email the honors program and tell them that i am interested?</p>

<p>thanks for your chances rating and comments!</p>

<p>Valedictorian, 4.0 unweighed GPA, 1400 on your SAT? You are virtually in. It is late, so one never knows, but I would be very surprised if you did not get in. And since your SAT is 1400, you are automatically concidered for the Honors program. But since the spots availlable for honors students is so small, it is rather unpredictible.</p>

<p>Good luck and keep us posted.</p>

<p>As soon as you're accepted, I would contact the Honors Program office. They're very nice - and more personal than the general Admissions Office. You can send them extra materials - writing samples, CDs, whatever. They will accept you if you get to them before they are full. Good luck.</p>

<p>i sent in a music cd with my application--
will this have anything to do with the admissions process to michigan itself?
if i'm accepted, should i make sure that the honors program people also get the cd?
what about supplementary work such as biology labs, etc?</p>