Rate my answer to this Columbia prompt

List the titles of the print or digital publications, websites, journals, podcasts or other content with which you regularly engage.

Washington Week on PBS: How I know what’s going on at Capitol Hill

Medscape: For the latest news in medicine

NYTimes: For my daily dose of current events

Reddit: no comment

Quora: no comment

College Confidential: absolutely no comment

Impaulsive: For a hilarious take on trending topics

PubMed: For in-depth knowledge on various biological mechanisms of action

WIRED: To see how new tech is impacting the modern world

Wall Street Journal: For the latest news in finance

YouTube: What teen isn’t on here

Nature Communications: For the bleeding edge of scientific research

Wikipedia: My source for quick info

Is that exactly how you answered the prompt?

Yes this was my exact answer

Did you already push send?

I’ve already sent it, I just thought it kind of humorous so I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on it.

In that case, my rating is 1/10. . “List” means provide no commentary.

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I understand that but I saw other kids who were accepted to col7mbia providing commentary

You wanted opinions. I gave mine.

Np thanks. I want to know real thoughts not filtered ones so that’s good.

I like humorous, too. I think this may fall a little short in that department.

I am somewhat hung-up on the lack of consistent capital letters to start these. Also, the order feels odd to me. I guess, if the goal was to show you were, literally, just answering off the top of your head - creative and carefree, maybe it would be considered average, or slightly below.