Rate My Cal First Semester Schedule

<p>I'm majoring in Civil Engineering and this is what i plan to take so far for my first semester
Any comments, recommendations, general advice, or what should be phase 1'd or phase 2'd would be greatly appreciated, thanks!</p>

<li>Math 1B - 4 units</li>
<li>Chem 1A - 4 units</li>
<li>Rhetoric R1A - 4 units</li>
<li>E 10 - 3 units
Total: 15 units</li>

<p>Any comments? :O</p>

<p>Incoming second-year CivE here.</p>

<p>Your schedule is almost identical to mine a year ago. I had Geography 1 instead of Rhetoric. Not sure how fast Rhetoric fills up, but you should Phase 1 Rhetoric and Chem.</p>