Rate my chances at these schools

<p>Alright, i think i finally have a final list of schools i am going to apply to:</p>

<p>UNC-Chapel Hill EA
University of Connecticut-direct medical
University of Pittsburgh
University of Washington
Rice University EA
Brown University</p>

gpa-for UNC, will be 3.83 (i will send them my trimester grade, will be 3.91)
for rest, it will be 3.91</p>

<p>EC's: key club, executive renaissance society, honor society, spanish club, i dont suppose running for office and losing counts....bleah...500+ hours of volunteering at hospital, 30 of which include ER, volunteered at science expo for 4 years straight</p>

<p>State of Residency: Idaho
Race: Asian Indian
Classes: Took hardest classes offered at school including 5 AP's and 5 honors</p>

<p>I want to go into a biology field</p>

<p>please help me. i know i have been posting a lot, but this is gonna be my last post, because i am applying this month to many of these schools....</p>

<p>b to the u to the m to the p</p>


<p>I don't know anything about college admisssions, but 500 hours of community service is a lot. You should be able to get in.</p>


<p>I think Rice and Chapel Hill are reasonable reaches/matches and I think you have a legitimate shot at both schools since your from Idaho. EC's look decent too. Good luck!</p>


<p>anyone else?</p>


<p>Just my 2 cents:</p>

<p>UNC-Chapel Hill EA...Reach
University of Connecticut...Reach (Med)/Match (Reg)
University of Pittsburgh...Match/Safety
University of Washington...Match
Rice University EA...Reach
Brown University...Reach</p>

<p>Hope this is of use.</p>

<p>I really don't think that University of Washington will be a match at all... Most likely a safety since your in the upper 25% of SAT score. You have same SAT as me, and if I get rejected by UW, I'll go serve in the military lol.</p>

<p>thanks. anyone else</p>

<p>unc-reach uva-reach uconn-medical-don't know,regular-safety pitt-safety udub-safety rice-reach brown-reach</p>

<p>definitely SAFETY for uw....</p>

<p>I think u stand a solid chance at all schools and the essay will be huge. does unc or any of ur main schools offer ed. Gl and iff possible please respond to my post am i ordianry ty</p>

<p>sure. thanks everyone</p>

<p>if anyone else wants to post, it would be appreciated</p>

<p>da doopey doo</p>

<p>I only know your chances for one school, Rice. From your stats you don't have a good chance of getting in. Your best bet would be to write a brilliant essay. Rice rates highly on the essay as a window to your diversity.(Man was that sappy) Also, good recs and a good interview are strong points to your app.</p>

<p>yea true..im writing my essays for UNC like right now lol</p>

<p>la. doooo....anyone else applying directly to medical school?</p>

<p>bonjour? hola??</p>

<p>med sux business all the way</p>

<p>b to the u to the m to the p times ten</p>