Rate my chances, Please!

Do anyone have any insght into admission to Lafayette College. I have a 3.83 weighted GPA, a 33 superscore ACT. I attend a top ranked high school in NJ. 5 APs, 5 honors, captain tennis team, play in jazz band, wind symphony and orchestra. Other activities and volunteer too (but those are my focus). AP Scholar, several honor societies. I visited the school 3 times and this is is the perfect academic and social fit for me. I plan to apply early.

Oops. I meant "does anyone have . . . "

@tennishopeful - sounds like you would have a very good chance at Lafayette, especially if you apply ED. It’s a great school, my daughter loves it!

So glad to hear that! I hope you are right. If you have any advice or comments about the school, please let me know!

did you check your school’s naviance?

Yes, of course. But there are not many students who applied to Lafayette so it is hard to tell.

I would say that you have a pretty solid chance to be accepted. But if I were you, I will prepare for the RD Essays just in case…

Hi kcassuu, I really hope you are right! Do you, by any chance, work for Lafayette? Or are you an alumni?

ED provides a nice admissions boost at Lafayette. Hope things work out. FWIW my D had a fantastic four years there!