Rate my chances

Hi everyone! Lately, my chances of college admissions have been eating me up inside (going into senior year), and I just need a second opinion on where I’m at. btw, I’m still looking into opportunities like physician shadowing and some literary competitions

gpa: uw 3.97 w 5.07
SAT: 1500 (I know it won’t make much of a dif, but I’m retaking for a potentially higher score)
jv volleyball freshman year
v volleyball sophomore year
switched to track & field last year due to practice scheduling (canceled before any meets)

HOSA throughout hs, NHS 10-12, Editor-in-Chief of a student run literary magazine, Officer of Ping-pong club during junior year, BSA Camp staff in summer between 10-11, current job at Rubios (started this summer and will continue through 12th), played violin throughout middle school and freshman year of hs

AP Capstone diploma
a couple medals through HOSA state competition in pharmacology

Thanks a ton for any feedback! Looking at my app, I feel like I’m lacking in leadership and commitment, so I was wondering how I would do with these colleges:

WashU in St Louis, UNC (chapel) - big reach
wake forest, boston college, case western -reach
UWashington, UMinnesota (twin cities), Upitt, Miami uni -target?
UNR (only instate school I’m considering), UofA -safety

Dude i guess you’re pretty good for safeties and targets. With a 1500 sat and 3.9 uw gpa, even your reaches are within grasp. Big reaches are tough for even the perfect scorers so cant say about that.

What do you want to major in?

While UNC OOS and WashU are reaches, they are not big reaches for you.

Wake Forest, Boston College, and Case Western are low reaches for you.

U Miami would be a high match/low reach

UMN is more likely a safety or a low match, so is U Washington, unless you are applying directly to Engineering or to CS. However, UMN may be unhappy with being a safety school for so many OOS applicants, so they may be a bit more selective fir OOS applicants.

U Pitt would be a safety for you, not a target.

U of A would also be a financial safety, since you would qualify for a hefty amount of merit funding.

Based on your profile, you are competitive for almost any any college out there. While some are reaches, they are not, so to speak, out of reach.

Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on going into Biochem as part of a premed track, but I still want to do some shadowing before committing to medicine.

Can your parents afford these colleges?.