Rate my chances!!!

<p>Hi! I am a male asian junior right now from Michigan. I have a 3.833 gpa now and i know im going to get a 3.8 or above gpa before i apply EA to harvard. I have had an interesting set of courses. Freshman year: Honors Precalculus, AP Physics B, Honors Spanish, and all regular classes not including spanish which i keep moving on up in levels ( i just started at spanish 200 instead of the normal 100)
Sophomore year: AP Calculus AB with a 5 on the exam, AP Chem one semester but next semester took Honors Chem because it was too hard, spanish 300 then all reg. classes
Junior Year: AP Statistics, AP US Government, AP Economics, spanish 400, then all reg.
Senior Year: take AP Calc BC which covers all the hardest math courses in my school, and 2 other aps but not sure of them yet, then all reg. classes </p>

<p>Test Scores: I am taking the new sat and am currently around 2340/2400. I want to get a near perfect score and i have some time for that
I am also at the near 800 on three sat 2's (like around 780-800 on all three hopefully)</p>


<p>I am in a club called Building with Books, a charity association devoted to raising money to build a school in a developing nation. I am very involved in this club. I do about 12 hours of community service every month thru this club. I do those by teaching in an elementary school for underpriveliged kids who are below their normal grade expectations and have no real hope of catching up. I help the kids learn how to do their hw because their parents are also uneducated and cant help them out. Our building with books club is the only one in michigan that can afford to do this so we are the children's last hope. I also went to this small community that has had a bad voter turnout rate for the past few elections thru BWB and helped set up voter stands and raise voter turnout for like 8 hours one day. I am also planning on going to Nepal this year thru this club and help build a school there for three weeks in feb. which is during school. I heard the conditions are terrible but I am still persistent on going, which is a lot of fun and is good for my app. I also participated in a classroom exchange to witness how school functions in underprivileged school districts that don't have enough money to pay the teachers properly. </p>

<p>This summer i gave tennis lessons to little kids.
I am also on the varsity team for tennis this year but last two years on the jv team</p>

<p>I am in the debate club where we went to states last year and also plan to go this year.
I will have been playing piano for 10 years when i apply. I want to minor in piano if i go to harvard. I want to hold concerts every few months after i graduate and raise money through the concerts for charity, it has always been my dream to do that with piano.</p>

<p>For the last two years i have been in our school's orchestra, where i played the cello. This year unfortunately i could not because of a course schedule mixup. Last year in the spring break our school was invited to play in the annual Easter Parade in Edinbugh, Scotland, which i went to.</p>

<p>I had also been out of 2000 nominated to join the US Physics Olympiad team, which test i took in my freshman year but did not get in.</p>

<p>I recently founded our school’s first stand up comedy club, where I am the co- president ! We write skits and perform them! We are planning in the future to hold a day where we perform for the school and we will perform a few times in local comedy clubs throughout our area. We also hope to do fundraisers by performing and help raise money for a professional comic to come in. </p>

<p>I will get recommendations from my piano teacher and maybe my math teacher and couselor, whom i know very well. I actually talked to my counselor and helped catch a notorious drug dealer in my school and my counselor trusts me very well for that. </p>

<p>I also took summer school in the summer before my sophomore year at an advanced program for "academic scholors" at University of Michigan and the a summer school program in the summer before my freshman year at Northwestern. I took a number theory class at U of M and a precalculus class at Northwestern that helped me prepare for precalc honors freshman year. I hope to take summer school at Harvard in the summer before my senior year because this helps.</p>

<p>I am also part of the Youth Leadership Board for youths in my indian community. The YLB serves as the primary board for all youths in North America. We make conference calls and plan events for the youths to learn about our religion and participate at events in our national conventions held once a year. We hold conference calls. I also help arrange various community service projects that our community participates in. </p>

<p>I might get a few more awards, maybe not, im not sure as this is the beginning of junior year before i apply to harvard</p>

<p>Based on these circumstances, what do u rate my chances of getting into harvard EA? It was my dream to get into harvard ever since freshman year!</p>

<p>bump bump!!!</p>

<p>please anyone???</p>

<p>bump? please please rate my chances! i am eager to find out...but be critical ...not so easy!</p>

<p>You have a good chance. What do you want to major in? It seems like you enjoy working with kids.</p>

<p>what do you mean by good chance? like around what percentage do you predict?</p>

<p>im thinking of majoring in business</p>

<p>I'd give you, say, a seventyteen percent chance of getting accepted. :-P</p>

<p>Calm down! FNo one has half a clue what the chances of a Senior are of getting in, even if he/she posted his/her whole app on CC. You're a junior, and all of your test scores are predicted, so no one can honestly tell you anything more than you have a shot.</p>

<p>I just quickly looked through. You seem okay, but come back in a year for a much better prediction. Nobody can say anything with predicted scores and stats.</p>

<p>By the way, a number theory course before sophomore year? Number theory is usually given to third-year or fourth-year college students (math majors), and from your stats, it doesn't seem like you are five/six years ahead :).</p>

<p>Yeah, I can't really be sure since you're a junior, but if you keep these stats up, then you have like a good 60-70 percent chance of getting in. My theory about admissions at like Harvard and stuff though is that since 85% of the applicants are qualified and would do well at the school, it's the little stuff that makes or breaks an application, like ethnicity, legacy, connections, etc.</p>

<p>please anyone else???</p>

<p>i always thought that my gpa was going to be the one factor that would get me rejected. Does my ec's, which i have tried to emphasize and make up for, help make up for it?</p>

<p>bump bump anyone else cmon!!!!</p>

<p>jesus christ settle down; ur only a junior, so keep ur focus! that's it!</p>

<p>anyone else? any comments regarding my gpa?</p>

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<p>Troy High?</p>

<p>tennispro, take a deep breath. Your gpa isn't one of the highest for Harvard applicants, but looking at your accomplishments I don't think that it will hurt you. You're a junior, what do you have planned for senior year?</p>

<p>tennispro- you are too hyper. to get into harvard you need to be flawless and have something great, you lost. too bad</p>

<p>i'd say more like 40%</p>