Rate my changes for west point and which CS schools i could easily get into

GPA: (W )3.8000 (UW) 3.5333
Avg Sat (from practice test scores): 1370 (lowest) - 1510 (highest)
Math 1: 800
Math 2: 800
Member of Robotics
Leader in a certain STEM project in which the team won third
Member of Orchestra & Play Piano
1 year of wrestling
Karate 2nd degree (been doing it for 10 years)
Vice President of eSports Club & Officer of chess club
Quiz bowl and history bowl player

i just want know my chances at west point i think its an interesting career option considering im interested in history and CS i could do some sort of cyber security military stuff

You will have to genuinely convince a congressional nomination panel that your goal is to serve as an officer in the United States Army, not just that you’re interested in “history and CS” and “some sort of cyber security military stuff.” The panels are expert at ferreting out motives, and they are looking for a deep commitment to service and the desire to become an officer in one of our armed forces. They will also closely examine your understanding of the potential price of that service.

Also, have you earned a varsity letter(s)? As you can see from a recent class profile:


Of an incoming class of 1210, almost all were varsity athletes and most earned letters:

Varsity Athletics…1200
Letter Winner…1067
Team Captain…808

So, keep at your sports and see if you can earn letters and leadership spots in the sports in which you participate. Your grades and test scores are fine but know that academics form just one leg of the three-legged Whole Candidate Score (WCS) on which appointments are based. You will also need to pass a DoDMERB physical and a candidate fitness assessment.

As for chances, I will repeat what I tell every applicant who asks: Due to the vagaries of the nomination process and the rubric the service academies use to determine appointments, it is impossible to chance anyone.

Your first step is getting a nomination. USMA does not consider applications without a nomination, so you need to familiarize yourself with this process if you aren’t already by checking the websites of your congressperson and both senators. Once you start the nomination and application process, you will be assigned a Field Force Representative (FFR) who will shepherd you through this process and who will have insight into how competitive your district is and how you stack up against the competition in the year you apply. Getting the nomination is the gating factor; once a candidate has a nomination and is deemed 3Q (qualified academically, physically, and medically), the likelihood of an appointment is close to 50%. How likely YOU are to be 3Q, no one here can tell you.

Also, you should scour the wealth of applicant information on the USMA website and serviceacademyforums.com (CC for military applicants) where you can learn more about the process and get all your questions answered by current and former military personnel. However, no one there will chance you either for the reasons I gave above. These sources will tell you to do your best academically, up your physical fitness game, and pursue leadership opportunities. You will want to show quality over quantity, stay focused, and put your best application forward. That’s all you or any candidate can do.

Good luck to you!