Generally, I am a pretty good writer, but there was this whole phiasco this year with inadequate teachers and changing classes- but anyways, my exam is tomorrow, and I want to know what this essay would be graded as.
Let me know if you can get to it…
I wrote this essay today.


That’s a file on your computer. I can’t access it because I can’t access your computer. Could you upload it to the web (Google Docs is a good choice) so I can access it?

I’ll try it again

I put it into google docs



Ok, that didn’t work, so I uploaded it to a website that i keep all of my files on…
It is at the bottom of the page- just click on the button that says Sample DBQ


Thanks so so much! sorry for the inconvenience!

just an update- i got a 5 on my exam, so it was cool